Are you up to speed with Right to Work legislation?

Are you up to speed with Right to Work legislation?

Right to Work legislation is not straightforward! If you’re making checks on staff, including temporary or voluntary staff, you can be shown 17 different types of document, potentially issued in hundreds of different countries, that may need to be checked in a variety of combinations to demonstrate eligibility to work in the UK.  And the Employers guide to Right to Work checks on the Government website stretches to 40 pages! 

So how confident are you that you and your staff all understand the rules and are all compliant when making identity document checks? We’ve put together a quick quiz based on some of the things our customers ask us. Why not see how you get on…?

Keeping up to date with current legislation and knowing which documents you need to see to establish a continuous statutory excuse isn’t easy, especially If you’re not a Right to Work expert.

That’s where technology can help. Our Right to Work service includes a built-in wizard to help guide you through the different combinations of acceptable documents and ask employees for the right information.  It also helps you check that the ID documents you’re seeing are genuine.  

The low-cost, easy to use solution is available from anywhere through an online portal, accessible through your smartphone or laptop. What’s more, the service is backed up by our expert document helpdesk who can offer advice and guidance if you need it.

Tony Machin

Tony Machin, CEO

Our CEO since 2013 has led our business through a program of significant upgrades in technology and services and has huge experience helping businesses introduce the right processes for identity document checks.

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