An analysis of scanned identity documents in Q3 2018

An analysis of scanned identity documents in Q3 2018
Posted by Tony Machin on 8th November 2018.

Each quarter, we pull together data from the identity document scans which our customers have submitted. We’re looking for trends across different industries and the different types of fraudulent documents that we see. It’s been a while since we shared our insights so read on for more information on Q3 2018…

In the third quarter of 2018 (July to September 2018), the number of documents scanned by our customers increased by 15% compared to the second quarter of this year. This is due both to more companies introducing technology to support ID checks and to existing customers continuing to validate a high number of applicants. 

Here’s some more of the trends we’ve seen in this quarter:

  • The number of fake documents identified by our helpdesk team continues to grow quarter on quarter with false identity documents been found daily in Q3
  • Those sectors which have historically seen a high number of fake documents – particularly the construction and recruitment sectors – continued to do so in this quarter. Check out our previous blog to find out more about how fake documents affect the construction sector. 
  • For customers in the construction sector, over 50% of the fake documents which they sent us purported to be identity documents issued in Great Britain
  • From our recruitment agency customers, our helpdesk saw fake identity documents purporting to be issued in 11 different countries, with more than a third claiming to be European ID cards
  • Our customers identified fake documents using all 3 of our validation solutions – cloud, mobile and desktop scanning
  • The number of false Biometric Residence Permits and Visas remains high and may identify illegal workers who are using genuine passports but have false residence documentation to live in the UK
  • Right to Work validation continues to be a primary reason for identity checks and our technology has helped our customers to protect their business from reputational damage, potential fraud and Home Office fines

From our analysis, we can conclude that our customers across a wide range of markets are regularly presented with fake documents purporting to be issued in around 20 different countries. Our technology helps them quickly and easily identify these documents and protect themselves from potential fraud, illegal working fines and reputational damage. 


Tony Machin

Our CEO since 2013 has led our business through a program of significant upgrades in technology and services and has huge experience helping businesses introduce the right processes for identity document checks.

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