Brexit changes to our software

Customer Brexit update

What’s happening?

From the beginning of 2021, EU citizens will be subject to new immigration controls which will change the way they prove their Right to Work.

Someone living in the UK by the 31st December 2020 can apply to continue living and working here under the EU Settlement Scheme and will be granted either Settled or Pre-settled status. Click here to find out more about Settled and Pre-settled status.

People arriving from the 1st January 2021 will be subject to new immigration controls.

How does this affect Right to Work?

Up until the 30th June 2021, someone with Settled or Pre-settled status can prove their Right to Work by showing their passport or ID card, or by generating and providing a Share Code and giving it to their employer to check their status online. After the 30th June 2021 they will only be able to prove their Right to Work using a Share Code

For more information about how employees generate a share code click here

To find out how employers check an employee share code online click here

What changes are TrustID making to their services?

Customers using Identity Document verification

EU identity documents will continue to be verified in the same way as today.

You can also check an employee share code and download a pdf report showing their Right to Work status by choosing the Online RTW Check option when uploading a new application. Online Right to Work Check reports are not checked or validated by TrustID but they do enable the person doing the check to view and check the photo related to the code and record that it matches the person who supplied it. Note that you can also use this feature to check share codes from non-EU citizens.

Customers using Right to Work service

Because EU identity documents can still be used to prove Right to Work up until 30th June 2021, these will continue to be assessed in the same way as today, with a continuous Right to Work status being applied.

After the 30th June 2021, we will update the Right to Work Wizard to remove the option to upload EU identity documents.

You can also upload an employee share code by choosing the “Enter Online Share Code” option from the wizard when uploading a new application. TrustID will check the online Right to Work report related to the share code and confirm the Right to Work status, including any work restrictions and follow up check dates.

For further information about employing EU citizens in the UK please click here