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Tony Machin


Tony has led TrustID through a transformation program of significant upgrades in technology and services, delivering year on year growth. With previous experience in corporate finance and as CEO of a leading UK financial services organisation, he brings strong leadership and excellent knowledge of compliance and regulatory matters. In 2018 Tony joined a group of like-minded identity validation experts and founded the Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP). He was chair of the organisation from its creation until the end of 2020.

Government announces plans to roll out digital identity checks through IDVT

Illustration showing a woman having an identity document scan

A joint announcement by the Home Office and Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) has confirmed plans to allow employers and landlords to use certified Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) service providers to carry out digital identity checks on their behalf from April 2022.

The Home Office and DBS are working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to build the new UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. This framework will set out the rules and standards which organisations need to follow in order to carry out secure and consistent digital identity checks. It’s expected to be rolled out in early 2022, ahead of relevant changes to legislation from April 2022.

This development will align with proposals by DBS to enable digital identity checking within their verification process, through the introduction of its Identity Trust Scheme.

This announcement concludes a review of services to support digital identity checks which was launched following positive feedback on the temporary guidance around remote Right to Work and Right to Rent checks due to Covid-19.

With increased remote and hybrid working, the Government hope that using IDVT for right to work, right to rent and DBS checks will support safer recruitment and onboarding, introduce consistent and more secure verification methods and reduce risk.

At TrustID, we welcome the plans for a permanent, clear and robust procedure and believe that a framework for remote digital checks will help the fight against fraud and ensure that all identity checks, whether face to face or not, are carried out with the appropriate level of confidence.

IDVT service providers will be able to be certified against the Trust Framework rules, alongside any requirements for the different Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS Schemes. The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework will open for IDVT service providers to begin the certification process in January 2022. TrustID are working towards the anticipated accreditation so that we can continue to support digital identity checks in line with the updated Schemes.

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