For fast, accurate and auditable validation of documents used to support identity

Our identity scanning solutions help you to protect your organisation from those using false identity and enables you to meet rapidly changing legislative requirements in relation to identity checking.

How it works

Wherever you need to validate identity, whether in the office, on the move or in remote locations, we have an easy-to-use solution for your organisation. 

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Scan an image

For all our identity validation solutions, Desktop, Mobile or cloud-based solutions, the start of the identity document validation process is the scan.

For Desktop and Mobile, you simply place the identity document that you need to check on the ID scanner or in front of the mobile or tablet device and hold it in place until the software confirms that the document has been correctly read. For Cloud, you upload an image captured on your mobile device or a previously captured image from a file on your computer.  

More about Desktop checks

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All scanned information is processed and checked by our powerful software. Information that is visible and invisible is captured and compared for accuracy and validity. Key areas checked are:

  • Printed data
  • RFID chip data
  • MRZ data
  • Printed data matches chip data
  • Presenter matches document photographs

The results are clearly displayed and the operator can process the application with confidence.



In just a few seconds, the results and images are presented intuitively on screen for the user to make a decision.
If the user has any doubt in making that decision, the TrustID document referral service is available at the click of a button.



Our reporting screen comes with a powerful search facility that helps you find any recorded document on a broad range of criteria. Perfect for internal reports, auditing and compliance needs.

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