Electronic identity document scanning for the care sector

By verifying employees' eligibility to work in the UK, you can prove compliance, help your organisation avoid financial penalties and prevent damage to your reputation.

The case for electronic identity document scanning

As a care provider, perhaps employing a diverse workforce across multiple care homes, you need to check whether everyone you employ, temporarily or permanently, is eligible to work in the UK. This helps you to ensure and demonstrate Right to Work compliance, to protect your brand and to safeguard your staff and the residents in your care.

Risks for employers


Fines of up to £20,000

The Home Office recently announced a ‘clamp down’ on those employers who employ illegal workers and highlighted the care home sector and other sectors employing 'low-skilled' labour as markets which they would be particularly focusing on. Those organisations found not to be complying with necessary employment checks could face fines of up to £20,000 per illegal employee and a potential prison sentence.

A recent increase in raids has already led to the arrest of illegal workers at several care homes across the UK, with those organisations receiving negative press coverage and potential fines of several thousand pounds. 

A guide to pre-employment screening checks

Pre-employment screening safeguards against fraud, reputational damage and in the worst cases, criminal charges. Our guide provides information on best practice in pre-employment screening and contact information for bodies that may be able to provide further assistance.

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How electronic identity scanning can help


TrustID’s document scanning system is invaluable for supporting organisations in the care sector with pre-employment vetting / screening process and adherence to the UK Statutory Excuse.

Quick and easy electronic checks mean that our clients can rest assured that they carry out right to work and validation checks to the highest standards:

  • Compliance with Right to Work legislation
  • Consistent, accurate validation of identity documents and full audit trail
  • Mobile scanning available for checks onsite, using mobile or tablet devices
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