Electronic document scanning for Education

It's critical for Higher and Further Education providers to ensure their students are legally allowed to study in the UK, to comply with current legislation and to protect themselves from fraud.

The case for Electronic Identity Document Scanning

Every University is legally required to ensure that students have the right to study in the UK and that a student’s visa is appropriate for their course. With increasing focus on immigration and tightening rules around international students from the Home Office, universities are under growing pressure to enforce the rules on student visas.

UK universities and colleges host over 430,000 international students a year, from more than 180 countries. With such a diversity among students, it is vital for educational establishments to be able to quickly and easily check, validate and keep a record of a myriad of global identity documents, in line with UKVI requirements.

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Risks for Education Establishments


Making the right checks

Failure to undertake the necessary document checks could have serious implications for an educational establishment, a University’s Tier 4 Sponsor Licence and a student’s visa.

Recent Home Office discussions include making Universities responsible for ensuring that overseas graduates leave the country after their studies and penalising those with 'overstayers'

Today, any establishment found by UKVI to be in breach of their Tier 4 Sponsor responsibilities, or posing a risk to immigration control, could have their sponsor license temporarily or permanently revoked.

Document checks are also critical for those students who are seeking access to NHS sponsored courses, since the NHS are themselves the potential targets of financial or employment fraud.

How electronic document scanning can help

Passport validation scan

TrustID’s document scanning system is a quick and easy way for educational establishments to check student documents – passports, visas and biometric residence permits – at registration and when carrying out Tier 4 Visa checks throughout the year. Simple electronic checks mean that frontline staff can efficiently complete document validation without extensive training:

  • Consistent, accurate validation of identity documents and full audit trail
  • Less administration and a reduced decision-making burden on your frontline staff
  • Mobile scanning available for checks at remote sites, using mobile or tablet devices.
  • System alerts can notify staff of student visa expiry dates
  • Possible to integrate with registration systems to automatically import student details without rekeying or duplication 

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