Identity document validation for Financial Services

Helping financial institutions adhere to ‘Know Your Customer’ and 'Anti-Money Laundering' requirements by providing accurate and fast validation of identity documents.

The first step in KYC and AML compliance

Customer identity checks are a fundamental part of Know your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations aimed at preventing criminals, fraudsters and terrorists from accessing financial products or services.
In the UK, these requirements are mainly covered by the Money Laundering Regulations Act 2007 which requires banks to perform ‘Customer Due diligence’ (CDD) measures including identifying and verifying a customer’s identity on the basis of ‘documents, data or information obtained from a reliable and independent source’.

Why use electronic document checks?


The ‘Customer Identification Procedure’ underpins the entire KYC / AML process. By using our scanners and software, any bank or financial institution can immediately and confidently accept any document presented for identification purposes - passport, ID card, visa or UK driving licence - or highlight any discrepancies. This protects those financial organisations from potential fraud, fines and damage to reputation.

  • Validate documents consistently and accurately
  • Allow for ID checks to be completed more quickly, and drive efficiency around customer on-boarding
  • Reduce the administrative burden on frontline staff
  • Screen out counterfeit documents without extensive document training

How electronic scanning helps KYC / AML compliance


Our KYC and AML datasheet covers how identity document scanning applications can support your compliance.

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Fluent Money cut fraud risk with electronic scanning

Fluent Money, the UK’s largest second charge distributor, has taken a major step to cut the incidence of identity fraud by investing in an ID scanning solution to check documents confirming identity requested by lenders.

“Trust ID have provided us with one of the most advanced ID scanning systems available. This purchase takes our regulatory and compliance procedures to a new level and helps us ensure that we have done our utmost to eradicate identity fraud in our industry. Within seconds, we know if the identity documentation is valid and can then with confidence send on a fully packaged case to our lenders.”
Tim Wheeldon, Fluent Money’s COO

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