Electronic identity scanning for healthcare recruitment

Straightforward document validation solutions to help you prove compliance, drive efficiencies and protect your business

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Protecting your healthcare recruitment business

If you are making temporary or permanent healthcare appointments, you need to demonstrate compliance with UK legislation that stipulates that all candidates must be fully entitled to work in the UK.
As the NHS tightens guidance on electronic identity document scanning for anyone providing staff into Trusts, locum and nursing agencies working within NHS Procurement frameworks or awaiting confirmation of their acceptance, need a quick and easy way to validate identity documents with confidence and demonstrate compliance.
Agencies are often responding to last-minute requests and need to be able to continue to offer fast, reliable, professional and most importantly trusted service.

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Why electronic scanning?


In Q4 2016, 40% of failed documents referred to our expert helpdesk team came from businesses working in medical recruitment. This was the highest referral rate of any single sector.
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With electronic scanning, you can efficiently and easily make robust identity checks to support compliance with Right to Work legislation and confirm the identity of candidates.


Following recent tightening of guidance within the NHS Procurement Framework, recruitment agencies who are working within the NHS are required to prove that they have appropriate electronic checking solutions in place in order to be able to place medical staff.

Desktop or remote electronic checking of ID documents is becoming best practice across an increasing number of agencies, protecting them and their clients, driving on-boarding efficiencies and providing further differentiation in quality of service.


Why choose TrustID?

  • Electronic identity scanning from TrustID is cost effective.
  • We can roll out our solutions within days and you can be up and running without the need for extensive training.
  • Our solutions are available as Desktop or Mobile applications. Find out more
  • We offer excellent customer service and support, including a document helpdesk service which means you can send the results of scans to our team who quickly and accurately analyse the results to advise whether the document is genuine or fraudulent.
  • Simple scanning solutions from TrustID provide a single, consistent process across the organisation for all staff who are required to check identity.
  • Our scanning application eliminates the need to photocopy and store paper copies of documents which greatly eases the administrative burden on staff.
  • Scanned records are easily accessible for future reference and auditing purposes.
  • Scanning technology helps your team to demonstrate compliance with the NHS Employment Check Standards and identity validation to a higher degree. This, in turn, gives the CQC and the immigration authorities’ reassurance of recruitment practices.


Just some of the healthcare recruitment businesses already using TrustID...
PSL recruitment use TrustID identity scanning
TLA use TrustID identity scanning
GPS locums use TrustID electronic identity scanning

Helping Firstcall Healthcare Services demonstrate compliance

"Some days, we had to manually run checks on several different candidates. The scanner is amazing - it's quick and takes the risk out of accepting candidates."
Jill Roberts, Training and Compliance Manager at Firstcall Healthcare Services.

Download a full case study to find out how TrustID scanning helps Firstcall:

  • Demonstrate compliance with Right To Work legislation for private clients and the NHS framework
  • Run an innovative, quick and efficient recruitment and validation process
  • Protect their brand
  • Accept identity documents with confidence and identify fraudulent documents with ease

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