Identity document validation for Hotels and the Leisure Industry

Validate passports, visas and other identity documents quickly and easily to protect your business and the security of your guests. 


Protecting your business

As a Hotel or hospitality provider, you want to protect your guests whilst delivering the very best in customer service.
If you employ a diverse workforce across multiple sites, including part-time, seasonal or casual workers, you need a way to quickly and easily verify identity documents to safeguard your operations from those who may use false identity.

The risks for employers


Fines of up to £20,000

All employers are legally required to ensure that their staff have a Right to Work in the UK. Current government legislation means that anyone found to be employing illegal workers could face fines of up to £20,000 per employee, a potential prison sentence or even closure. 

Without thorough and reliable identity checks, you are putting your business at risk of employing those using a fraudulent identity and risking your safety and that of your customers. A business found with illegal workers faces potential damage to their brand and to consumer confidence as well as disruption to their business. 

How electronic document scanning can help


By using TrustID document scanning, using a desktop scanner or mobile App, Hotels and hospitality businesses can run robust pre-employment vetting / screening checks and adhere to the UK Statutory Excuse.

With a quick and easy scan, your team can carry out all Right to Work and validation checks to the highest standards:

  • Compliance with Right to Work legislation
  • Consistent, accurate validation of identity documents and full audit trail
  • No need for extensive document training
  • Mobile scanning available for checks onsite, using mobile or tablet devices
How does scanning work?

Hospitality companies already using TrustID for their ID scanning