Electronic document scanning for Local Authorities

Establish the validity of documents presented for
identity verification purposes by employees or by customers applying for access to services.

Why use electronic document checks? 

Local authorities are subject to greater and ever more sophisticated attempts at fraud. Fraudulent claims not only damage the reputation of organisations and undermine trust in public services but are also estimated to cost local government over £2 billion annually. Electronic document scanning can quickly and easily validate identity documents, such as passports and biometric residence permits, to ensure that public services are delivered to those who are entitled to them.

How does electronic document scanning help Local Authorities? 

Reducing the cost of fraud

Electronic scanning solutions from TrustID already support almost 30 Local Government bodies with identity checking to tackle fraudulent benefit claims and confirm the identity of staff.  It can also be used to support the recently introduced 'Right to a licence' check for an operator or a PHV or taxi driver licence.
The identity scanning solutions:

  • Validate documents efficiently and robustly
  • Allow for ID and visa checks to be completed more quickly, creating greater HR efficiencies
  • Protect the public purse by ensuring that benefits are only paid to those eligible
  • Act as a deterrent to anyone seeking employment or making a benefit claim using a false identity
  • Reduce the administrative burden and training need for HR and benefits staff


TrustID is a leading document checking provider to Local Government.
Here are just a few of the Councils that we currently support: 


How one council saves money with identity document scanning

Watch our latest case study to find out how Oxford City Council check the identity of employees and customers to help protect againt fraud.


Read the written case study to find out more about how Oxford City Council safeguards public services.

“In terms of financial savings, we can attribute at least £36,000 so far... because we’ve stopped 2 applications for housing that were made to Oxford City Council with false documents”
Scott Warner,
Corporate Investigations Manager, Oxford City Council