Electronic document validation for the retail sector

Validating identity documents is essential to check whether a member of your team has the Right to Work in the UK. Reliable identity checks protect your business from fraud and protect the reputation of your business.

Building a case for electronic validation

In the retail sector, employees are often dispersed across a number of stores, meaning identity document checks can be inconsistent and time-consuming, particularly in stores with a high staff turnover or during seasonal peaks. Electronic validation can streamline these Right to Work checks and ensure a higher level of validation which demonstrates your compliance and protects your reputation.

What are the risks for retailers?


Fines of up to £20,000 and reputational damage

All employers have a legal obligation to check that employees have a Right to Work in the UK before they employ them. All employees must be checked regardless of their nationality, the length of their contract or the position they hold.

The Immigration Act 2016, introduced in July 2016, has made it easier to prosecute employers and introduced tougher sanctions, including a custodial sentence of up to 5 years and a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal worker.

Without thorough and reliable identity checks, you are putting your business at risk of employing those using a fraudulent identities. A business found with illegal workers faces potential damage to their brand and to consumer confidence as well as disruption to their busines, as recent high profile cases demonstrate, including that of Byron Burgers.

How electronic scanning can help with Right to Work checks

electronic identity validation

TrustID electronic validation solutions help retail businesses to improve compliance with Right to Work legislation by enabling them to perform checks consistently and reliably. With a choice of solutions, including desktop, mobile and cloud scanning, electronic checks can even be rolled out across all multiple stores, using a smartphone or tablet device.

  • Quickly and easily validate international passports, visas, biometric residence permits and national identity cards
  • Refer suspect documents to TrustID’s document helpdesk for further analysis
  • Take and store photographs of applicants and any supporting documentation
  • Retain a full audit trail with details of the validation results and the person who carried out the checks, all date and time stamped
  • Create .pdf records for transfer into other HR systems and processes, helping to prove compliance
  • Reduce time spent on administration