Seamlessly add TrustID identity checks to your service platform

Our API is designed to allow easy integration with other platforms, websites or Apps

  • Upload checks directly from your own platform
  • Queue checks in the TrustID platform when users want to useTrustID Apps
  • Receive a call back when checks are complete
  • Download comprehensive results, data fields and reports
  • Partner support for re-selling TrustID checks as part of your own service
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Who is this best for?

Any organisation who wants to integrate TrustID identity checks into their own onboarding journey. With comprehensive documentation, you can quickly and confidently verify the identity of the people you work with – staff, customers, students – within your own platform.

How does our API help?


Our API supports integrated identity checks, whether you want to facilitate a few or many thousands of checks.

Comprehensive documentation

Our documentation is written for developers and designed to be as clear as possible to help you
easily implement
identity verification.


Expert team to support your integration and our document helpdesk team are on hand to offer document advice if you need it too!

Easy to get started

We can quickly set you up an account on our development server so that you can easily test the API on a range
of scenarios.

“We were impressed with the ease of the TrustID API. As soon as we met the team, we knew it was a safe option and that we could work well together”
Director of ATS, Fourth

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