Document verification systems simplify identity checks and give you peace of mind when accepting identity documents.

Whether you need to make Right to Work, Right to Rent, KYC or AML checks within the public or private sector, electronic scanning solutions are available for a low up-front investment and with very little training required.
Our reliable and easy to use document verification systems can be accessed via a desktop scanner, mobile scanning App or by uploading a document image through our Cloud service.
Read on to find out which system could work for your business, depending on the frequency, location and volume of identity checks and level of verification required


Identity document verification accessed in the way that suits your business:

TrustID Desktop Scanning

Our desktop scanners are perfect for office-based scanning and offer the most robust level of checking.

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TrustID Mobile App

Remote or field-based staff can validate identity documents on the move using the TrustID Mobile App, available on Apple and Android.

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TrustID Cloud Service

For less frequent identity checks across multiple sites, our Cloud Service will process and validate document images uploaded to a dedicated website.

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