The TrustID Cloud service: online ID verification from anywhere, anytime

Validate and accept identity documents by capturing and uploading an image of the document on your smartphone or tablet device or using your office scanner.

Ideal for multi-site organisations, companies with remote staff or those making infrequent identity checks.

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What does the TrustID Cloud scanning solution do?


The Cloud application lets you validate identity documents, such as passports and visas, through our dedicated website.

You can upload photographs by attaching a scanned image from your computer or network or using an image taken with your mobile or tablet device. The document images are then processed and validated by the Cloud Service and the results returned via the portal.

Who can benefit from TrustID Cloud?

TrustID Cloud is an affordable way for an organisation demonstrate statutory excuse and compliance with Right to Work, Right to Rent and KYC/AML legislation. It could particularly suit:

  • Large organisations with a distributed workforce
  • Retailers and food outlets for store managers checking the identity of staff
  • IFAs checking ID in the field for KYC & AML compliance
  • Housing associations checking tenant identities 

Why do I need TrustID Cloud?


The TrustID Cloud validation services helps you:

  • Quickly and easily perform reliable and consistent checks on staff, customers and other people you do business with.
  • Get up and running with ID verification quickly and for a low investment - scans are paid for by purchasing credits which are deducted each time you check a document
  • Protect your brand and reputation against fraud
  • Demonstrate that you comply with the latest legislation – Right to Work, Right to Rent, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) – and give evidence of a statutory excuse
  • Save time and improve efficiency and drive consistency across your organisation
  • Reduce the decision-making and training pressure on frontline staff