TrustID Desktop ID scanning

Fast and accurate validation of ID documents, including passports, visas and driving licences.

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Identity document scan

Demonstrate compliance and protect your business

Using an electronic scanner for ID scanning and verification can save you time, give you confidence that you know who you are working with and protect your staff and customers. It's the first step in a reliable Right to Work check process.

The TrustID Desktop Scanner

Desktop ID scanning unit

Our robust document scanner can read identity documents in a few seconds. It not only captures information visible to the naked eye but, more importantly, it captures and evaluates the non-visible security features, which fraudsters find most difficult to cheat.

The easy-to-use device is a convenient size and operates right from your desktop, connecting via USB cable to any computer running the TrustID software without the need for external power. Scanning a document is as simple as placing it on the scanning window and waiting a few seconds.

The TrustID Software

All scanners come with our powerful software which is designed to make the process of validating documents as intuitive as possible by guiding the user through each scan to confirm the information captured is correct and valid.

It makes the process of validating documents consistent and accurate, regardless of operator, and removes the need for lengthy training of your staff.


Each new ID scan begins by placing a document on the scanner. The software starts automatically and alerts the user to remove the document after a few seconds.

Desktop ID scan
Processing an ID scan


Depending on the document type, the software will read visible and non-visible information to check validity. It will also display the photos from the document, including those in e-passports with RFID chips, for the operator to confirm they match the person presenting the document.

The powerful software allows processing to take place extremely quickly and confirms the validity of documents in a highly efficient manner. This quick and easy process is particularly important for the majority of customers or applicants who are presenting genuine documents.

Document Data

Key document details and applicant data are captured by the scanner’s Optical Character Reader and presented as part of the results. This data can be used to populate other systems or for appropriate compliance auditing.

An automated delete function can be configured to remove personal data after a set time to ensure compliance with data protection guidelines, as required by the user.

Image of a desktop identity document scan
ID scanning results

Reports and Archive

All documents processed through the system are archived and can be retrieved at any time using the flexible search facility.

Searches bring back all details including images, providing a complete audit trail.

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