Public Sector Fraud

Quick and easy checks to prevent fraud

Local authorities are subject to greater and ever more sophisticated attempts at fraud. False identity documents are used to fraudulently attempt to access social housing, welfare payments, jobs and other public sector benefits. Fraudulent claims not only damage the reputation of organisations and undermine trust in public services but are also estimated to cost local government over £2 billion annually.

Our systems help public sector bodies to scan and validate passports, ID cards, visas and Biometric Residence Permits in just a few seconds to help detect fraud before it happens.

We work with over 30 Local Government bodies and over 30 NHS trusts.

NHS Manchester City Council Oxford City Council Birmingham City Council Reading Borough Council

How one council saves money with identity document scanning

Key Features of Public Sector Fraud Prevention:

  • Save time and drive efficiencies
    Using our systems help public sector organisations to complete ID and visa checks more quickly, creating greater HR efficiencies and reducing the administrative burden and training need for HR, recruitment and benefits staff.
  • Demonstrate compliance
    Our systems help organisations to demonstrate full compliance with ID checks. In the NHS, this reassures the CQC and the UKBA of recruitment practices and drives a possible reduction of NHSLA litigation premiums as well as demonstrating compliance with the NHS Employment Check Standards for right to work and identity checks.
  • Protect funds
    Using ID checks ensure that services are made available and benefits are paid only to those people who are eligible.
    Oxford City Council reports a £36,000 saving thanks to fraudulent housing applications that were stopped by identity document scans highlighting fake documents.
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