Right to Work

The quick and easy way to check that your employees have the Right to Work

  • The most comprehensive, flexible range of Right to Work solutions available. 
  • Check passports, ID cards, Biometric Residence Permits, visas and supporting documents
  • Use our Right to Work checking service to ensure compliance with Home Office guidelines 
  • Easy access using our desktop and mobile apps or go online and use our Cloud Service
  • Designed for GDPR compliance
  • Suitable for everyone, whether you are checking a few documents or thousands.
  • Document Helpdesk, with government trained experts who are on hand with advice and guidance

Choose the level of checking that suits you:

Right to Work Checking Service

Our Checking Service validates documents, checks for compliance against Home Office guidelines, notifies details of any work restrictions and follow up checks and provides a full Right to Work status report.

Right to Work Self-Check

The Self-Check option validates documents and enables you to record your own responses to the Home Office Right to Work Checklist, providing a full Right to Work report.

Document validation

If you just want to check the validity of documents presented for Right to Work, our range of document validation solutions check Passports, ID cards, Biometric Residence Permits and Visas, providing a detailed validation report for each check.

API integration

If want to integrate Right to Work checks with your own systems, apps or websites, please contact us about our API.

A bit about Right To Work

All employers must check that staff are allowed to work for you in the UK before you employ them. You must check their original identity documents with them present and you must take and keep copies and record the date you made the check. If you employ an illegal worker and cannot show that you carried out the correct Right to Work check you could face a civil penalty.

You must carry out the same checks on all staff regardless of their nationality. For example, only carrying out checks on those who you believe are not British citizens could leave you open to accusations of discrimination – see the Home Office code of practice for employers on avoiding discrimination.

The best place to start if you want to find further information about Right to Work is on the Government’s website where you will find lots of useful information and tools to ensure you stay compliant.

The Home Office encourage the use of ID scanning technology for checking ID and provide a guide on the use of document scanners which can be downloaded here.