Outsource Right to Work service

Right to Work - Managed Service

A complete online Right to Work check service.

Perfect for an organisation without in-house Right to Work expertise

Confirm your employees’ status with our full online Right to Work check service


Your staff just upload a copy of an identity document through our Right to Work App, answer simple questions about the person and documents being presented and then we’ll do the rest

We’ll check that the correct documents have been submitted and that they are valid. Then we’ll check that the holder has the Right to Work in the UK

We'll send you a full Right to Work status report, including details of any work restrictions and the date of any necessary follow up checks

Why choose TrustID for your Right to Work checks?

   Make Right to Work checks in minutes. On average, you’ll get a response in 15 minutes and our SLA is just 1 business hour.

  Our industry-leading Right to Work helpdesk team,  including government-trained experts, are on hand for advice and guidance

  Use our document selection wizard to help ensure the correct documents are provided by the employee

   Make checks from anywhere – upload identity documents online or use our Right to Work App

   Receive and download a comprehensive Right to Work status report – date and time stamped – to support the statutory excuse

   If the document image is clear and readable, we’ll always return a conclusive result

  Simple per document checked payment model – no set-up or user charges

   Suitable for every size of business, whether you are running a few Right to Work checks or thousands

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