ID verification using a mobile App

Top tips to get the best results from the TrustID Cloud Service

1. Capture a clear image of the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)

The MRZ contains security check digits. If your image does not show the whole of the MRZ, TrustID Cloud will not be able to validate it.

2. Capture images in colour or greyscale and avoid black & white

3. Avoid covering the MRZ

Make sure your fingers and thumbs are not covering the MRZ.

glare on passport

4. Watch out for glare

5. Ensure you capture information from both sides of a BRP or identity card

The document can only be validated if we see both sides, including the complete MRZ data.

Front of BRP
Back of BRP
front of ID card
back of ID card
For more information on using the TrustID Cloud service, watch our video here.