Surge in demand for Right to Work checks confirms upturn in job market

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Over the last few months, we’ve seen a huge spike in demand for Right to Work (RtW) checks – signalling a dramatic upturn in the job market. Compared to January 2021, demand was up by 65% in February, 190% in March, and over 600% in April – with over seven times the number of requests coming in. Figures for May showed the trend is still on the rise.

Our figures lend support to a recent BBC news story suggesting that the economy is showing signs of resilience and recovery, noting that unemployment has dropped back down to 4.8%, and employment has risen for the fifth consecutive month.

The biggest increase in demand has come from our customers in the leisure and hospitality sector where we support in excess of 100 brands in more than 5000 locations. Our expert team have been working round-the-clock to help our customers to re-open safely, and in line with the latest government regulations. As our Right to Work service is available seven days a week, it’s ideal for the many businesses that need to react really quickly to changing circumstances, get people back in employment and reopen their business to the public.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in line with temporary changes to RtW check guidance, we have been offering a remote RtW checking process which enable employers to perform reliable identity checks whilst following social distancing guidelines.

Kelly Davis, Talent acquisition partner at Eataly London told us: “We’ve been really busy getting ready to open our exciting new London venue. Hiring the right talent is a priority, but we also need to ensure that we’re doing the proper staff checks. TrustID’s Right to Work service is so easy to use that it takes away that issue for us completely. Plus, for every candidate we submit, they provide a definitive answer – so we’re not left with any tricky decisions to make.”

Once the requirement to see original documents returns (this is currently scheduled for April 2022), our services will be updated accordingly.

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