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Fraudulent identity documents and Modern Slavery
Posted: 23rd April 2018
Modern Slavery is a subject that we are hearing more and more about in the UK. In this guest blog, Tony Dunkerley, a former Police Detective and Force Practitioner on Modern Slavery, explores this growing problem and the links with fraudulent identity documents.
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Failed identity documents in Construction
Posted: 25th July 2017
During our analysis of Q2 2017, we discovered that 34% of all fake identity documents found by our clients were from those operating in the construction industry. In fact, this was the largest group of fake documents from any sector.
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Failed identity documents in the construction sector (Part 2)
Posted: 26th April 2017
In the construction industry, the risk of employing illegal workers is intensified by a high demand for labour coupled with a skills shortage and a complex, fast-moving supply chain involving contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub contractors etc. ID scanning can help construction businesses to identify and prevent illegal working and protect themselves from employing someone who is not who they say they are.
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