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False identity documents: the scale of the problem
Posted: 4th September 2018
The production of false identity documents fuels illegal working, modern slavery, terrorist activity, fraud and money laundering.  Their use affects businesses across the UK who are trying to prevent illegal working, stop fraud and protect their assets. But how big is the problem of false documents in the UK?  In this blog, I assess the scale of the challenge.
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Why do we need to do pre-employment immigration checks on British or EU recruits?
Posted: 21st June 2018
Every employer has a legal duty to prevent illegal working and is required to undertake pre-employment immigration checks on all staff they wish to employ to ensure that they have the right to work in the UK. But if you only employ people who claim to be British or EU nations, do you really need to make Right to Work checks?
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Why introduce electronic identity document checks if you don’t have to?
Posted: 6th June 2018
We have two main types of customer at TrustID: those that have to use validation technology - due to enforced compliance requirements - and those who choose to use it – perhaps because they are worried about making checks in the face of high staff turnover or fall into a ‘high-risk’ sector. No matter which pool you fall into, you can benefit from identity validation technology, not just to drive compliance and find fraudulent documents, but in ways that you may not expect…
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New Home Office Guidance on Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT)
Posted: 17th May 2018
In March 2018, the Home Office published new guidance for employers on ‘Identity Document Validation Technology’ (IDVT).  At TrustID, we’re proud to have been part of the consultation period which helped to shape this guidance. This blog explores what the guidance covers and how it should be used.
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Helping recruitment businesses improve Right to Work compliance with identity document checks.
Posted: 25th April 2018
A growing number of recruitment businesses rely on TrustID identity checking services to help them improve compliance and introduce a consistent, reliable and quick on-boarding process for new candidates. We caught up with the team at Anderselite recently who have introduced TrustID Cloud to all their recruitment consultants to allow them to check identity documents from anywhere…
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Fraudulent identity documents and Modern Slavery
Posted: 23rd April 2018
Modern Slavery is a subject that we are hearing more and more about in the UK. In this guest blog, Tony Dunkerley, a former Police Detective and Force Practitioner on Modern Slavery, explores this growing problem and the links with fraudulent identity documents.
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Making Right to Work checks easier in Facilities Management
Posted: 28th February 2018
As a Facilities Management Company, supplying cleaning, security or catering contracts, you know that you must make checks on your employees to ensure that they have the Right to Work in the UK. But if your team are spread across different sites, working for different customers, you’ll also know that making visual checks and filing copy documents can be a time-consuming challenge. Find out how electronic ID checks help.
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Making identity checks according to likely risk
Posted: 6th February 2018
Businesses that we talk to are often interested in how sophisticated the false ID documents are that are used to try and gain employment, access an organisation’s services or commit fraud. So, in this blog, I’m going to talk about the quality of false documents that our client help desk encounters and how our ID checking systems can help according to the likely level of risk…
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Our view of fraudulent identity documents in 2017
Posted: 24th January 2018
As our business continues to grow, the range of customers that we look after gets broader. In this blog, we’ll examine one section of data from our customers in the private sector and take a high-level look at the sort of fraudulent documents that they came across during 2017, including the top referring sectors, the type of documents and their purported country of origin.
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Getting identity checks right
Posted: 21st November 2017
In October 2017, the Disclosure and Barring service introduced new identity checking guidance to align the DBS process with Right to Work checks for businesses. The first, critical step in both processes is, of course, ensuring that the person you’re checking is who they say they are. After all, both processes cost time and money and both become irrelevant if the documents used to support their identity are forged. And both processes can bring serious risks to a business if they are not conduct...
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Recruiting extra staff for Christmas? Don't forget Right to Work checks
Posted: 15th November 2017
Like it or not, the countdown to Christmas has begun. And for many businesses, from restaurants to retailers, so has the drive to bring on additional staff to cope with the seasonal rush. Commercial pressures during busy hiring periods may make it tempting to cut corners but you still need to ensure that all potential employees are eligible to work in the UK. Read our tips on recruiting seasonal staff across different locations...
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Making ID checks for compliance in Umbrella companies.
Posted: 20th October 2017
As the number of self-employed workers in the UK grows, hundreds of thousands of workers turn to umbrella companies to act as their employer, either through referral by a recruitment agency or directly. As the employer, the umbrella company needs to check the ID and Right to Work of every one of these contractors. So how can an umbrella organisation run identity checks efficiently and consistently to ensure they comply with current legislation?
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How can identity scanning help in the fight against human slavery?
Posted: 16th October 2017
The 18th October is a significant day in the calendar to highlight an issue that affects many thousands of people – it’s National Anti-Slavery day, implemented to raise awareness of the need to eradicate all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. So, I thought it would be an ideal time to focus the attention of our blog towards this very difficult subject and explore how identity scanning can support the fight against human slavery.
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4 steps to sensitively deal with fake identity documents
Posted: 8th August 2017
What should you do if you check an identity document and it fails your checks? Handling counterfeit or fraudulent identity documents can be nerve-wracking so our blog pulls together some practical advice to tackle this sensitive topic.
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Putting the trust back into business with ID verification
Posted: 17th July 2017
If you’re an HR professional making Right to Work checks, you will probably have a well-developed instinct as to the trustworthiness of people. But with more diverse workforces and flexible ways of working, everyone’s ability to make judgements is being stretched far beyond just intuition. At the same time, with strict penalties for illegally employing staff, making the right judgement is more important than ever.
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