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False identity documents: the scale of the problem
Posted: 4th September 2018
The production of false identity documents fuels illegal working, modern slavery, terrorist activity, fraud and money laundering.  Their use affects businesses across the UK who are trying to prevent illegal working, stop fraud and protect their assets. But how big is the problem of false documents in the UK?  In this blog, I assess the scale of the challenge.
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Making identity checks according to likely risk
Posted: 6th February 2018
Businesses that we talk to are often interested in how sophisticated the false ID documents are that are used to try and gain employment, access an organisation’s services or commit fraud. So, in this blog, I’m going to talk about the quality of false documents that our client help desk encounters and how our ID checking systems can help according to the likely level of risk…
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ID scanning system thwarts fraud attempt
Posted: 15th June 2017
Fluent Money, the UK’s largest secured loan distributor, recently thwarted an attempt by a fraudster to obtain a loan using a fake driving licence thanks to electronic ID verification. In this month’s blog, we talk to Fluent Money about why they introduced ID scanning technology and how it works in their business.
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A case of fraud in the insurance sector
Posted: 6th June 2017
Fraud is such a pervasive crime with each industry susceptible to different types of fraud schemes and few more so than Insurance companies, particularly due to the advent of online policies. In this guest blog, we share a summary of a genuine fraud case in the insurance sector, exploring the background, the risks, the result and how ID checks could perhaps prevent it.
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Europol cite document fraud as 'one of the engines of organised crime'
Posted: 14th March 2017
The Europol Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment report focuses on 3 primary areas as the ‘engines of organised crime’ - money laundering, the online trade of illicit good and services and document fraud. It states that these 3 things facilitate most, if not all, other serious and organised crime.
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Making sense of identity document checks at Oxford City Council
Posted: 23rd February 2016
Oxford City Council have been scanning and verifying identity documents since June 2014 and have captured well over 10,000 scans. They use ID scanning technology in customer-facing areas as well as within their HR team. As a busy council serving over 150,000 members of the public, their focus is on being able to run simple but robust checks before giving access to public services – to make sure that those claiming are who they say they are – and complying with Right to Work checks on their own s...
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Finding fake identity documents in the NHS
Posted: 25th January 2016
This blog shares a couple of noteworthy identity document referrals made to our helpdesk team from the NHS. They showcase how effective ID scanning can be in different scenarios facing the NHS and make for interesting reading.
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