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Putting the trust back into business with ID verification
Posted: 17th July 2017
If you’re an HR professional making Right to Work checks, you will probably have a well-developed instinct as to the trustworthiness of people. But with more diverse workforces and flexible ways of working, everyone’s ability to make judgements is being stretched far beyond just intuition. At the same time, with strict penalties for illegally employing staff, making the right judgement is more important than ever.
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Document verification systems - 5 reasons why they're best for finding fake identity documents
Posted: 13th July 2015
ID scanning has taken a front-line role in detecting forged identity documents. HR departments and security managers within the NHS, Government bodies, academic institutions and many private-sector employers such as recruitment, construction, retail, facilities management, are taking the lead in the use of this technology. This blog lists 5 reasons why they are finding it the most accurate and cost-effective commercially available solution.
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5 reasons why identity document checks are an essential part of the pre-employment process
Posted: 30th March 2015
If you work in HR, you will know that there is an ever-increasing enforcement of Right to Work legislation, putting more pressure on employers to check potential employee's right to work in the UK. But checking whether someone has a legal right to work in the UK should only be undertaken once a potential employee's identity has been confirmed. Here’s why checking identity documents, such as passports, are an essential element.
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