Our white papers provide in-depth information about our ID validation services:

Building a case for Right to Work check technology in your business

Download this guide to build a case for your organisation to introduce Right to Work check software and support your on-boarding processes.

Right to Work and TrustID verification services

Why use electronic identity checks within your Right to Work checks? Our brochure explains our services and how technology could help your organisation when checking employees

TrustID: Passport Validation Guide

A guide to manually checking passports, highlighting the main features of a passport and how to verify them.

Building a case for electronic scanning in the NHS

Download this guide to build a case for your Trust to introduce electronic scanning to support the NHS Employment Check Standards.

Putting the Trust Back into Business

Download our whitepaper for HR professionals, exploring how combining people, process and technology can put the trust back into your business and ensure that fraudsters can’t gain employment with you by using fake identity documents to prove their Right to Work.

Why electronic identity checks and why TrustID?

Our brochure explores how identity document validation technology (IDVT) could help your organisation and what makes TrustID different.

Overcoming 7 Right to Work Check Challenges

Download our infographic to show how technology could help you to overcome 7 Right to Work check challenges.

What being ISO27001 certified means

Our IS27001 accredited certification lets you know that we follow information security best practice, helping to eliminate or minimise the risk of a security breach, keep information secure and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

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