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We are leading Digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) suppliers. As identity experts, we have a wealth of experience working with organisations like yours to help you accept identity with confidence and comply with the latest legislation.

How we compare

Honest, straight-forward services to make identity verification simpler.

Expert identity document checks


We’re a leading IDSP. Our industry-leading expert analysts assess thousands of identity documents and identify fake documents every day.
Our expert team also provides an outsourced service to several other identity verification providers, delivering a manual review to support their identity authentication tools.

Trusted provider of identity document checks


Hundreds of organisations of all sizes trust us to protect them from fraud, fines and reputational damage. Together, we find fake documents every day using a unique combination of industry-leading identity verification services and human expertise.

Identity document experts and expert document analysts to support


We’re available 7-days a week from 8am to midnight. Whether you make a few checks or many thousands, our support is free of charge.

Flexible identity document checks


Our scalable IDVT help you make identity checks in the way that fits your business and flex with your level of fraud risk, whether you check applicants face-to-face or remotely.

How we work with customers

We know that every organisation is different. So, our account management team start by trying to understand your business, your processes and your likely risks so that we can advise you on the best services to protect you.

They will set you up on our verification services and get you up to speed quickly. Then they’ll put you in touch with our expert helpdesk team in case you have any questions or need any advice.

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"The account management is fantastic and the TrustID helpdesk team do everything they can to make it easy for us."

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"We really like working with the team at TrustID – if we call up with a question about a document or need some technical support, they are professional, knowledgeable and so easy to deal with"

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Who we are

We’re a fast-growing team based in Reading, Berkshire. We’re passionate about protecting businesses from fraud. Whether you’re a start-up or a large corporation, our team will bend over backwards to help.

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The latest news, views and insights from the world of identity verification.


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Some of our accreditations

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What being ISO27001 certified means

Our ISO 27001 accredited certification lets you know that we follow information security best practice, helping to eliminate or minimise the risk of a security breach, keep information secure and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

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