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Straightforward integration of identity verification services

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Seamlessly add TrustID identity checks to your service platform

Easy integration with other platforms, websites or Apps thanks to our API. Create seamless onboarding journeys with our onboarding widget.

Any size of organisation can easily integrate TrustID identity checks into their own onboarding journey. With comprehensive documentation, you can quickly and confidently verify the identity of the people you work with – staff, customers, students – within your own platform.

Some examples of successful integrations include Applicant Tracking Systems, payroll providers, HR systems and Housing Providers.

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Rich API for integrating identity document verification services

Our API allows you to upload checks directly from your own platform, receive a call back when checks are complete and download comprehensive results, data fields and reports.

API Code
API Code

On-boarding Widget for easy document capture

Our ‘OnBoarding Widget’ is a Javascript only client component that launches in a popup and connects to the TrustID API Gateway to perform ID verification. Fully customisable to ensure that you offer customers a bespoke onboarding journey.

Why integrate Identity Document checks?

Integrating TrustID identity checks into your own workflows and processes can help to streamline and simplify on-boarding. Integration means you can introduce higher quality and more robust identity verification whilst providing a better onboarding experience for your applicants and customers.

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How long does integration take and what does it cost?

Using our comprehensive API documentation, integration can take as little as a few days. Your development team should have a good understanding of web-related technologies.

We offer free of charge access to our documentation and support team as well as a complete sandbox environment, meaning you can start development and make API calls without worrying about data costs and allowing you to test a range of scenarios.

Access our API documentation here
Affordable API integration


Our API supports integrated identity checks, whether you want to facilitate a few or many thousands of checks.

Easy to implement API

Comprehensive documentation

Our documentation is written for developers and designed to be as clear as possible to help you easily implement identity verification.

Expert support for API integration


Expert team to support your integration and our document analyst team are on hand to offer document advice if you need it too!

Easy to set up API integration

Easy to get started

We can quickly set you up an account on our development server so that you can easily test the API on a range of scenarios.

Different ways to use our API

All scenarios use the API to receive results.  Once an application has been processed, TrustID sends a webhook to let you know that the assessment is complete and that the results are available for retrieval. Your back-end system performs authentication with the TrustID server, then retrieves the results and extracts the required images and data which can be used to populate your own systems.

Using the API to Submit Applications and Receive Results: your back-end system uses the API to submit identity document images and related data which is already held there.

Using the API to Create Queued Applications and Receive Results: the API is able to “queue” up applications within the TrustID client portal.  Your users log in to the TrustID portal with their own TrustID user accounts and then select the Queued application before then uploading their document images for that specific candidate or customer.

Using the API to Create Guest Links and Receive Results: the API can be used to create a secure single-use link which “Guests” can use to upload their own document images in a secure portal for processing.  Once created, your back-end system can share that link with a candidate or customer or instruct TrustID to embed the link within an email and send it on your behalf.

Using the API to Receive Results: no data is uploaded from your back-end system; it just uses the API to receive notifications when results are ready for retrieval.

“We were impressed with the ease of the TrustID API. As soon as we met the team, we knew it was a safe option and that we could work well together”
Director of ATS, Fourth

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