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Online Identity Checks

Global identity documents verified in seconds

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Quickly validate new customers’ and employees’ identity remotely or in-person.

Just capture and upload an image of an identity document (for example a passport or visa) and we’ll verify it. We’ll send you an identity validation report in a few minutes.

Effective compliance and fraud protection, delivered simply.

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Who should use our online identity checking service?

We can help any size of business which needs to verify identity documents quickly and accurately.

We verify thousands of identity documents every day, including passports, ID cards and driving licences.

Our customers work in recruitment, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, retail, construction and more.

“We all think we know how to check ID, but not in the way that TrustID does. They interrogate the documents to a superior level providing complete assurance that the person on the other end of a smart device is who they say they are. Online enrolment now feels safer than doing it face-to-face.”

Why choose our online verification service?

Affordable identity document checks

Affordable and scalable

Pay-as-you-check online ID checking software with a low cost of entry which is scalable for any size of business.

Quick identity document scanner check

Quicker onboarding

User-friendly technology confirms the validity of global ID documents in minutes. We’re accredited by the Shaw Trust for Accessibility.

Expert analyst support for identity document checks

Expert support

Free expert counter-fraud and compliance support on hand 7-days a week from 8am
until midnight.

Illustration showing the flexibility of our identification verification service

Flexible access

Submit ID documents using your mobile or laptop, or send someone a ‘Guest Link’ email to upload their own documents.

Illustration showing the expertise of our identification verification service

Proven results

Trusted by thousands of customers with fake identity documents and imposters detected every day.

Easy API integration of our identity document verification service

Easy integration

API and SDKs seamlessly integrate identity checks with your service platform at no additional cost.

Discover how our identity validation service works

Watch our short video to find out more about how our online identity check services work

Some of our other identity services

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Right to Work checks

Easy to use Right to Work check service to prove compliance and support the Statutory excuse

Digital DBS identity checks

Straightforward automated digital checks to verify prospective employees as part of DBS Checks

Illustration showing a man taking a selfie for an identity check

KYC checks

Simplify your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance with our affordable, automated online KYC service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online identity checks?

Electronic identification checks are a critical process to ensure that the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be. In many cases, an identity check starts with the verification of a government-issued identity document (such as a passport or ID card).

What is digital / electronic identity verification?

Electronic identity checks bring the concept of identity verification to today’s remote and online world. As well as assessing an applicant’s identity document, digital identity checking solutions process data from a range of different sources including contextual data, such as voter registration and address information. For additional security, you can add selfie capture and face-matching biometric technology to confirm that the identity matches the claimant.

How can identity verification help my business?

Automated electronic identity checks can take a front-line role in detecting fraudulent identity documents across HR, on-boarding and compliance teams and help them to:

  • Save time: Electronic identification checks speed up identity verification with results returned within minutes, allowing you to process more applicants more quickly.
  • Reduce risk: electronic identity checks reduce the risk of employing illegal workers or falling victim to money-laundering or fraud.
  • Build trust: an identity checking service gives you greater confidence in the identity of prospective applicants, employees or customers.
  • Safeguard reputation: a robust identity verification process deters would-be fraudsters and reassures genuine applicants that you take fraud seriously.

Who uses electronic identity verification and why?

Identity document check technology is increasingly used by organisations of all sizes across the public and private sector.

The latest Home Office guidance recognises the important role that Identification Document Verification Technology (IDVTs) can play in supporting an organisation’s identity document check process and identifying fraudulent documentation to prevent it being used for many purposes, including to:

  • obtain employment or accommodation in the UK, as part of a Right to Work or Right to Rent checks.
  • work in vulnerable sectors, for example where an individual requires a DBS check.
  • obtain access to controlled premises or services, such as secure areas or licensed premises.
  • apply for access to public services.
  • obtain financial services.
  • buy high-value goods and services.

How do TrustID online identity checks work?

TrustID online electronic identification checks are accessible from your laptop or mobile device. You can capture and upload images of ID documents and upload them to our secure web service. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Guest Links’ function which issues a one-time email invitation to your applicants for them to upload document images themselves. Our service then verifies critical security information held with the identity document to assess its authenticity and returns a full .pdf report to your account. Any documents which can’t be automatically read or which are suspicious are referred to our expert document analyst team for further assessment, at no additional cost.

If you want to find out more about how our digital identity validation service supports digital Right to Work checks, read our blog.

How long do verification checks take?

The TrustID service usually returns an identity document verification result within a few minutes and our target response time is 2 hours from 8am to midnight, 7-days a week.

How much do online identity checks cost?

Our online identity checking service is sold on a pay-per-check basis. Your business can set up an account and then top the account up with credits – one credit is equal to one document check. There is no cost to set up an account or for additional user licenses and we have a low minimum credit order. To find out more, please get in touch.

Does it cost more if an analyst has to look at an identity document?

No, there is no extra cost involved if our team of document analysts are required to look at the identity document which is uploaded.  Check credits are priced the same, whether the identity validation is handled exclusively by the software or the document has to be viewed by an analyst.

Have a different question? Please get in touch.

How to choose the best product for you

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