Online Identity Checks

Global identity documents verified in seconds

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Quickly onboard new customers and staff remotely or in-person.

Just capture and upload an image of an identity document (for example a passport, visa or BRP) and we’ll verify it. We’ll send you a validation report in minutes.

Effective compliance and fraud protection, delivered simply.

Who should use this service?

We can help any size of business which needs to verify identity documents quickly and accurately.

We verify thousands of identity documents every day, including passports, ID cards and driving licences.

Our customers work in recruitment, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, retail, construction and more.

“We all think we know how to check ID, but not in the way that TrustID does. They interrogate the documents to a superior level providing complete assurance that the person on the other end of a smart device is who they say they are. Online enrolment now feels safer than doing it face-to-face.”

Why choose our online verification service?

Affordable and scalable

Pay-as-you-check online verification model with a low cost of entry which is scalable for any size of business.

Quicker onboarding

User friendly technology confirms the validity of global ID documents in minutes.

Expert support

Free expert counter-fraud and compliance support on hand 7-days a week from 8am
until midnight.

Flexible access

Submit ID documents using your mobile or laptop, or send someone a Guest Link to upload their own documents.

Proven results

Trusted by hundreds of customers with fake identity documents detected every day.

Easy integration

API and SDKs seamlessly integrate identity checks with your service platform at no additional cost.

Discover how our service works

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A few of our customers


How to choose the best product for you

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