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Customer Quotes

Hear what our customers have to say:

Loopers Insights
Software Development

“TrustID is very straightforward and easy to use. We have reduced a lot of admin time with our Right to Work checks.”

Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Not for Profit

“As working practices have changed we have found the TrustID system has made it significantly easier for us to approve staff documents who work from home in any part of the UK and abroad.”

Know Your Candidate
Employment Services

“The TrustID system is working great for us; ordering the checks is really simple, the reports are comprehensive but concise and all our candidates find the system very easy to use. The customer service team are always very efficient and polite, answering any queries we might have.”


“Compliance is important and with the increase in remote workers we really wanted to find a platform that we could use for our Right to Work checks that supported us with the process but remained hassle free for our candidates.

TLTP Education

“As a provider of staff to schools and nurseries and holders of the REC Audited Award – the gold standard in safeguarding, we believe it is equally our responsibility to ensure the safety of children and young adults. Trust ID is a fundamental part of our compliance process and has become a positive contributor to our safe recruitment practices.”

The University of Edinburgh

“Right to work compliance is very important to the University and as we moved on from the pandemic we wanted to provide the best experience for our new starters by being able to continue some of the positive practices established during that period.”


“TrustID offers our candidates a modern and simple way of uploading their documents while giving us peace of mind that our new employees will have the correct documentation to work for us. The software is very efficient and has made the hiring process more streamlined.’’

EPSN Workforce
Recruitment (Medical)

“We have been using TrustID for over 3 years and during this time we have been very impressed by their professionalism and accuracy. TrustID gives us a peace of mind that our process is fully compliant and gives our clients confidence in our ability to serve them.”


“The checks are a small cost to pay for a robust and efficient process to ensure we comply with Home Office guidelines and avoid any fines. We want to put ourselves, workers and suppliers in the best place possible – so this is a no-brainer for us.”

Cavendish Recruitment Professionals

‘”Cavendish Professionals use TrustID as a support tool for our compliance checks on our workforce. We are very satisfied with the platform and it is a very user friendly system. We would certainly recommend.”


“TrustID makes our process for checking documents really quick – it’s dead easy, fast, efficient and keeps our business protected. And we know that if we have any doubts, we get a fast response from the TrustID team.”

Central & North West London NHS Foundation
NHS Foundation Trust

“The use of TrustID document scanners has become an integral part of our audit trail, therefore positively contributing to our safer recruitment practices.”


“We were impressed with the ease of the TrustID API. As soon as we met the team, we knew it was a safe option and that we could work well together.”

Harbour Hotels

“We like using TrustID which is integrated into our recruitment system (Harri) to give us peace of mind when it comes to right-to-work checks. The checks allow all our managers who are involved in the recruitment process to know that the candidates they are taking into their teams are allowed to work in the UK. The system is easy to use and the times from the point of submission to getting a response are exceptionally fast. I would absolutely recommend TrustID to any organisation as part of their due diligence for recruiting safely in line with regulations for working in the UK.”

Restaurant Chain

“At Wingstop UK, we have been working with TrustID via our Harri integration, since the beginning of 2021. Since using the TrustID platform, as a business we are given reassurance that our employee’s records remain compliant from a right to work perspective. TrustID communicate  regular changes around immigration laws  and provide excellent customer service and support. Fantastic platform! It’s extremely easy to use and it works very well within our recruitment process.”

RG Security

“As a security company, it’s vital that we establish that all potential employees are who they say they are. To achieve this, we use TrustID to verify all forms of ID for us, including visas, passports and driving licenses. The system has worked very well for us and on the rare occasion I’ve had to contact their support team, they’ve always been friendly and dealt with my queries quickly. TrustID give us complete peace of mind when it comes to recruiting security workers and has become a critical component in our vetting process.”


“KYC checking is fundamental in our ability to lend and due to our short term practises this verification has to be done at pace. We are relatively new clients of TrustID and use several of their systems and are extremely happy with how they have accommodated us and especially putting systems in place to help through the pandemic. The knowledge that you can make one phone call and have any issue sorted there and then is hugely beneficial to us, as ID checking has many moving parts.”

London Metropolitan University

“We all think we know how to check ID, but not in the way that TrustID does. They interrogate the documents to a superior level providing complete assurance that the person on the other end of a smart device is who they say they are. Online enrolment now feels safer than doing it face-to-face. The team are friendly and supportive and always there to help you. It really is a great privilege to work with such a dedicated group of people.”

Medical Locums Group
Recruitment (Medical)

“Following guidance from NHS frameworks and the Home Office, it was imperative to introduce Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to support our compliance processes. Adding digital checks to our document verification will support our processes during audit and provide an extra layer or clarity on individual documentation. After speaking to various providers, we felt TrustID would be able to provide the service we required with a simple, quick and effective process.”