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Digital Right to Work Checks

Remote, government-certified Digital Right to Work checks from a leading Identity Service Provider (IDSP)

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Digital Right to Work checks

Under the latest Home Office Digital Scheme, an employer can carry out a digital Right to Work check on holders of UK & Irish in-date biometric passports using IDVT from an Identity Service Provider (IDSP). The IDSP will share a Right to Work report for your records.

As a long-established Right to Work provider, we were one of the first government-certified IDSPs. This means our ID check services are compliant with GPG45 standards and you can rely on us to support your digital Right to Work checks and also to support Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS checks. And a Digital Right to Work check through our service will also give you a statutory excuse to avoid a civil penalty.

Right to Work

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What is the Digital Right to Work check process?

Our straightforward digital Right to Work service explained in a few easy steps...

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Step 1:

Employer confirms that applicant has in-date biometric UK or Irish passport or passport card.

Step 2:

Employer sends applicant email / text with link to begin digital Right to Work check via IDSP.

Step 3:

Applicant follows link to IDSP service to capture and upload image of their passport via mobile or tablet device.

Step 4:

Applicant captures and uploads ‘selfie’ for biometric face checks.

Step 5:

IDSP assesses identity document and confirms liveness and facial match.

Step 6:

IDSP returns report including confirmation that Medium Level of Confidence has been met.

Step 7:

Employer downloads Right to Work verification report for their records and future Home Office audits.

Step 8:

Employer confirms that the employee who comes to work matches the identity of the person verified by the IDSP.

Why choose our Digital Right to Work service?

Quick Right to Work (RTW) checks

Anytime, anywhere checks to save time

With a simple email invitation, your applicants can upload their documents from anywhere, whenever it suits them. Avoid expensive and time-consuming appointments to check physical documents.

Robust, consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Secure checks

Our Identity Verification Technology (IDVT) helps to identify suspicious identity documents and protects you from fraudulent applicants. We’re ISO27001, ISO9001 and GPG45 compliant so you can be confident that data is secure.

Expert analyst support for Know your Customer (KYC) checks

Market-leading IDSP

We’re a market-leader in Right to Work checks, established for 10 years. We were one of the first government-certified IDSPs and our industry-leading human support team are Right to Work check experts, available 365-days a year.


How do our digital Right to Work checks work?

Watch our short video for an overview of our Digital Right to Work service

Digital Right to Work services from TrustID

In line with UK government GPG45 standards, we verify your candidates' identity using the following checks:


Identity document validation

We quickly assess and confirm the authenticity of eligible identity documents

Consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Biometric face matching

We verify a selfie image to ensure it is a live person who matches the document holder

Secure identity document scanning services

Fraud check

We check against a national fraud database and run further document fraud checks to verify that an identity is not known to be stolen or synthetic

Illustration showing the simplicity of our service

Address verification

We prove that your applicants’ address exists and link them to that address by checking against trusted data sources

Don't just take our word for it...

“The TrustID system is working great for us; ordering the checks is really simple, the reports are comprehensive but concise and all our candidates find the system very easy to use. The customer service team are always very efficient and polite, answering any queries we might have.”

Should I introduce Digital Right to Work checks?

If you’re still considering whether to work with an IDSP, read our latest guide covering IDSPs and IDVT and:

  • The importance of IDVT
  • Latest changes to Right to Work checks
  • More about Digital Right to Work checks and Identity checks
  • What 10 Questions should you ask when considering IDSPs?

Digital Right to Work checks - FAQs

What is a Digital Right to Work check?

A digital check allows applicants with applicable proof of identity to verify their identity and prove their Right to Work remotely, instead of presenting physical documents to you as an employer. Under the Digital Scheme, an employer can carry out a Right to Work check on holders of UK & Irish in-date biometric passports using IDVT from an Identity Service Provider (IDSP). Anyone with a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account – including those who applied to the EU Settlement scheme – can now demonstrate their immigration status online through an eVisa.

How much do Digital Right to Work checks cost?

The TrustID Digital Right to Work service is based on a pay per check model with no set-up or licence fee. There’s no minimum term contract. You buy credit bundles which last until you’ve used them up – or for a maximum of 24 months. Our pricing depends on the volume of checks that you buy so please get in touch with our team for a detailed quote.

What is a share code?

Migrant workers can prove their Right to Work to a potential employer by giving them a ‘share code’. EU, EEA or Swiss citizens granted status under the EU Settlement Scheme or anyone with a UKVI account can generate a share code through the Government ‘View and Prove’ service. A share code is usually valid for 90 days and is made of 9 alphanumeric characters – for Right to Work checks, it will begin with a W.

Employers can no longer accept Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) or Biometric Residence Cards (BRCs) as proof of Right to Work eligibility and those applicants should apply for an eVisa and supply a share code instead.

Can an employer make Right to Work checks over video?

No, checking an applicant over video is not compliant with the latest Home Office guidance.

Until 1st October 2022, temporary Covid-adjusted guidance meant that employers could carry out identity document checks over video calls with employees sending scanned documents or a photo of documents for RtW checks. However, this method of checking is no longer compliant. Digital Right to Work checks can replace this remote check for holders of in-date British and Irish passports and passport cards.

What if a candidate doesn’t have an in-date UK/Irish biometric passport or eVisa?

Remote, digital Right to Work Scheme checks are only valid for holders of in-date British or Irish passports, Irish passport cards or eVisas. For other documents from List A or List B, such as out of date passports or birth certificates and NI numbers, you need to see and check the originals. Our full Right to Work service can also help, allowing you to check a broad range of identity documents.

Is TrustID a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP)?

TrustID was one of the first certified IDSPs. We are certified for the Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS Digital Schemes.

It is currently not mandatory for an IDSP to be certified to the digital RtW Scheme to perform digital Right to Work checks but you do need to work with a certified IDSP for DBS checks. See our certification here.

Can you combine a Right to Work and DBS digital check?

UK Government guidance confirms that IDVT can be used for both RtW and DBS checks. Our services are certified for both Schemes and so, for eligible applicants, employers can combine one identity check to support both Right to Work and DBS Basic, Standard or Enhanced checks.

How long does a digital Right to Work check take?

A digital Right to Work check is a very quick process. With TrustID, a check will usually come back within minutes or no longer than 2 hours during our working hours (between 8am and midnight, seven days a week). Find out more about the TrustID process here.

Can you do a Right to Work check online?

Yes, you can complete Right to Work checks using a certified IDSP (Identity Service Provider) who use technology to digitally confirm the identity and documents of a candidate. Alternatively, you can use the government website to complete a check yourself.

Have other questions about Digital Right to Work checks?

How TrustID can help you?

Our expert sales team would love to answer any questions you have about employer Right to Work checks and how our services could support your organisation.

If you’re a candidate making a digital Right to Work check, please visit our help page.

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Digital Right to Work - All you need to know

The Digital Right to Work Scheme allows employers to remotely verify the identity of people with applicable documents using an Identity Service Provider (IDSP). But, what options do employers now have?

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Latest Guidance

For the latest Home Office guidance regarding Right to Work checks, please click below. If you have any questions about the guidance or about how we may be able to help, please get in touch.