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Digital identity verification services to support student checks

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For UK Universities, making identity checks is an essential part of student enrolment. As a Tier 4 Sponsor, a University must fulfil a number of sponsor duties, including checking that all students have valid immigration permission and the Right to Study in the UK.

Universities often have a manual document check built into their registration process. However, for large numbers of student registrations, this can be inefficient, resource intensive and prone to human error.

Making robust checks can protect your University from the risk of losing your sponsor status and suffering serious reputational damage.

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How can TrustID help with student identity checks?

If you’re looking for a way to improve and streamline your student identity and onboarding checks, our range of identity validation services could help.

We help almost half of the UK’s universities to validate global identity documents in seconds. They benefit from our unique combination of technology and human support from our industry-leading expert document analyst team who are on hand 7-days a week.

Why consider digital verification for student checks

Online Right to Study (RTS) checks on the move

Flexible document capture

Students can access the service using a smartphone or tablet and upload the relevant documents at a time that suits them and from wherever in the world they are applying.

Quick Right to Study (RTS) checks

Save time

Get clear results within minutes and within our target response time of 2 business hours.
Our easy-to-use services need no training and you can start the same day.

Reduce Right to Study (RTS) admin

Introduce efficiencies

Download a comprehensive identity validation report for your records and remove the need to manually copy and file identity documents.

Expert knowledge at the heart of our Right to Study (RTS) checks

Accept genuine documents

Our unique combination of technology and our industry-leading expert team gives confidence to accept identity and protects against fraudulent applications.

I have full satisfaction knowing that when they have done an ID verification, every measure and every step has been taken. I don’t have to double-check their work; I’m assured that when they’ve done it, they’ve done it right

David Hood, Head of Enrolment and Graduation - London Metropolitan University

Our expert team are ready to answer any questions.

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Our range of services to support student onboarding checks

Remotely verify Identity Documents
Online identity checks

Online identity checks

Global identity documents checked in seconds. Proven, industry-leading verification on a pay-per-check basis.

Robust on-premise identity checks
ID Scanner checks

ID Scanner checks

Advance-level identity document verification with an easy-to-use identity document scanner.

Stronger identity verification
Face biometrics

Face biometrics

Selfie-based biometrics to match a student to their identity document and add liveness detection to prevent spoofing.

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