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Digital identity verification to support DBS checks

GPG45 compliant identity verification for Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS

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Ensure compliance with DBS verification

From April 2022, the Disclosure and Barring Service has incorporated Digital Identity Checks into their services and now allows organisations to use Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) for ID verification as part of DBS checks. IDSPs must be certified and undertake ID verification following GPG45.
Automated digital checks allow an organisation to verify prospective employees as part of Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks as well as part of Right to Work checks and a single digital check may be used for both processes.

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How can TrustID help with Digital DBS checks?

Identity document validation technology (IDVT) services can help if you’re looking for a way to remotely check documents as part of Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks.

As a leading IDSP, we are not a DBS provider. However, our technology meets GPG45 Standards and we are certified for the DBS digital identity checking Scheme (along with Right to Work and Right to Rent).

Digital Right to Work Scheme and DBS Checks Webinar

TrustID digital identity services have been approved by the UK Government for Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS Digital checks. The new digital Schemes offer a permanent option for remote recruitment and DBS checks for applicable candidates. If you’re exploring your options for applicant checks moving forwards, catch up on our latest webinar to find out more about:

  • The latest updates to the digital Schemes, including details of Levels of Confidence
  • What to consider when choosing an IDSP
  • How does technology support a digital check?

Why consider digital verification for DBS checks?

Quick Right to Work (RTW) checks

Save Time

When someone needs their digital identity verified for a DBS check, they can upload their documents quickly and easily from anywhere, streamlining the checking process and saving time.

Right to Rent checks on the move

Check reliably

Digital identity verification technology (IDVT) reduces the risk of human error and means that you don’t need to be a document expert.

Consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Introduce consistency

Online digital checks give you a single, consistent process across your organisation for all staff who need to validate identity documents for DBS checks.

Secure Right to Work (RTW) checks

Reduce Admin

Digital identity checks eliminate the need to manually check, photocopy and store paper copies of identity documents, saving time and easing the administrative burden on staff.

Some of our services to support your DBS compliance

Face Biometrics

Face Biometrics

Add facial biometrics to your Digital DBS checks to help prove compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital DBS check?

A digital check allows applicants with eligible documents to submit their documents remotely. Under the new digital Scheme, an employer can carry out a DBS check remotely on eligible documents and isn’t required to see original identity documents.

Can you do a Right to Work check and a DBS check at the same time?

The UK Government announcement confirms that IDVT can be used for both RtW and DBS checks. Our services meet GPG45 standards and we’re a certified IDSP. So, for eligible applicants, employers will be able to make one digital check for both Right to Work and DBS processes.

Can I only do Digital DBS checks on a UK or Irish citizen?

Digital DBS checks are available for people holding documents from across the globe,  not just for UK and Irish citizens. If your applicant holds a biometric passports that meets the ICAO specifications for e-passports or an identity card from an EU or EEA country which contains biometric information, they can be eligible for a digital DBS check.

Will employers still be required to verify original documents?

No, if your applicant is eligible for the digital DBS Scheme and passes the checks, as an employer you will not need to verify original documents.

Can I still do in person checks?

Yes, there is no requirement to use the new digital DBS scheme. You can also take a hybrid approach and use both in-person and digital checks depending on the applicant.

Is TrustID a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP)?

TrustID is one of the first certified IDSPs. Our services are accredited for the Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS Digital Schemes. Our services meet the required GPG45 Standards for Medium and High Level of Confidence, as required by the digital DBS Scheme.

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