Straightforward compliance with Right to Rent checks

Digital verification services to support Right to Rent checks for your tenants

An easy way to verify tenants

As a landlord or letting agent, you are legally required to check that all prospective adult tenants have the Right to Rent your properties in England.

You’ve probably built a check into your letting processes. However, if you’re dealing with a high-volume of diverse tenants, making visual inspections and photocopying an identity document can be unreliable and time consuming.

Robust identity checks are important to protect your organisation from fraud and reputational damage. They can also help you establish a statutory excuse to protect your organisation from penalties.

How can TrustID help with Right to Rent checks?

If you’re looking for a way to improve and streamline your Right to Rent checks, our identity verification services could help.

Validate global identity documents in seconds using our online check services which you can access from anywhere, or  ask your tenants to upload their own document images using our ‘Guest Link’ feature.

We offer a unique combination of technology and human support and our industry-leading expert document analyst team are on hand 7-days a week.

Why consider digital verification for Right to Rent?

Make checks from anywhere

In today’s increasingly remote world, our easy-to-use service helps you to make quick, compliant checks from anywhere.
You can also invite your tenants to remotely upload images of their own documents, using our Guest Links feature.

Save time

Digital identity checks are quick. We return a result within minutes and our SLA is 1 business hour, 7 days a week.
Our easy-to-use services need very little training and we can set up your account the same day.

Reduce admin

Digital checks eliminate the need to photocopy and store paper copies of identity documents which saves time and greatly eases the administrative burden on staff. It also means that records can be easily stored for future reference and auditing purposes.

Accept genuine documents

With fraudulent documents becoming ever more sophisticated, digital checks assess the authenticity of identity documents and help you to accept them with confidence.

A few of our customers


Our range of services to support your Right to Rent compliance

Verify Identity Documents
Online identity checks

Online identity checks

Global identity documents checked in seconds. Proven, industry-leading verification on a pay-per-check basis.

Stronger verification
Face biometrics

Face biometrics

Use selfie-based biometrics to match a person to their identity document and add liveness detection to prevent spoofing.

How to choose the best product for you

Not sure which service is right for you? You can compare our range of services here.

Want to find out more?

We’d be really happy to chat through your requirements and offer advice on the best service for your business.

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