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Expert identity document verification (IDVT) at the heart of Right to Work check software

A range of Home Office compliant Right to Work checks from a leading, certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP)

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Right to Work checks for employers: as easy as 1-2-3

3 easy steps for compliant Right to Work checks no matter how you onboard employees

1st step in our Right to Work checking process

Capture Right to Work documents

Upload proof of Right to Work or ask an applicant to capture an identity document through our remote Right to Work service, answer simple questions about the person and documents being presented and then we’ll do the rest.

2nd step in our Right to Work checking process

Assess authenticity and eligibility

We’ll check that the correct documents have been submitted and that they are valid. Then we’ll check that the holder meets Home Office standards for identity assurance and has the Right to Work in the UK.

3rd step in our Right to Work checking process

Get a full Right to Work report

We’ll send you a full Right to Work status report, including details of any work restrictions and the date of any necessary follow up checks to help support your statutory excuse.

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Why choose TrustID to help with your Right to Work checks?

Online Right to Work checks on the move


Our easy to use online Right to Work check service helps you to make quick Right to Work checks that meet Home Office standards from anywhere with no software or App to download.

Quick Right to Work (RTW) checks

Save time

Perform a digital or physical-document Right to Work check and confirm an employee’s Right to Work status within minutes all from one platform. Perfect if you want to onboard applicants quickly.

Expert knowledge at the heart of our Right to Work checks

Confidence in identity

Our identity document validation technology (IDVT) checks the validity of identity documents and verifies a prospective employee’s identity. We use a unique combination of technology and our industry-leading expert analyst team who are on hand 7-days a week to establish Right to Work eligibility and offer support and guidance.

Robust, consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

A robust, consistent process

With a simple, intuitive process, all your users follow the same guidelines and ask for the correct combination of documents to prove Right to Work compliance. We will give you a definitive response every time, including confirming any restrictions, and let you know when you need to make any follow-up checks.

Secure Right to Work (RTW) checks

Support statutory excuse

You’ll receive a comprehensive Right to Work report showing time, date and who made the check, which you can easily download and store in your HR files to demonstrate your thorough Right to Work process.

Quick set up of Right to Work (RTW) checks

Up and running quickly

We can get you set up within hours and our straightforward services need very little training. Our services are easy to integrate thanks to our API, which means you can seamlessly add Right to Work checks to your platform.

Who is our Right to Work service designed for?

Our straightforward employer Right to Work software services are designed to make compliance simpler, whether you are checking ID documents for a few employees or for thousands and whether you see candidates face to face or not.

We support businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries, including cleaning, care, hospitality, retail, recruitment and construction.

Our services help you meet medium level of confidence according to the Good Practice Guide 45 (GPG 45) when making digital Right to Work checks.

“The checks allow all our managers who are involved in the recruitment process to know that the candidates they are taking into their teams are allowed to work in the UK. The system is easy to use and the times from the point of submission to getting a response are exceptionally fast.”

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Identity document validation technology (IDVT) for all Right to Work checks

Employers can use Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) from Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) to support Right to Work checks. We are one of a few IDSPs who can support ‘manual’ Right to Work checks. And as leading IDSP, we have the required IDVT technology and resources to deliver checks that meet the Medium and High Levels of Confidence required by the new Digital Schemes. We are approved by the UK government as a certified IDSP for the digital Right to Work Scheme – along with Right to Rent and DBS checks. Read more in our blog.

Visit our Digital RtW page

Considering an IDSP for Right to Work checks?

Read our guide on IDSPs and IDVTs that covers:

  • The importance of IDVT
  • Changes to Right to Work checks
  • More about digital Right to Work checks and Identity verification checks
  • 10 Questions to ask when considering IDSPs

Employer Right to Work FAQs

What support does TrustID offer employers for Right to Work checks?

We are a certified IDSP and offer a range of Right to Work services built on a unique combination of software supported by a team of human experts. We can support Digital Right to Work checks and our services can support physical document checks. Our UK-based team of specially trained document analysts and customer service experts are on hand to answer your queries 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most checks will be returned within a few minutes but our target response time for checks is 2 hours within our business hours of 8am – midnight.

How much does the TrustID Right to Work service cost?

The TrustID Right to Work service is based on a pay-per-check model. There are no set-up costs or admin fees, you simply pay for the number of checks you require. The credit price depends on the volume of checks that you purchase and our minimum order is 50 checks.  If you’d like a quote, please get in touch.

Can TrustID check out of date passports, or other document types e.g. Birth certificates?

Yes. In-date biometric British and Irish passports and Irish passport cards are eligible for the Digital Right to Work scheme and can be checked using our Digital Right to Work service. Anyone with a share code can either be checked through the Home Office online checking service or through the TrustID interface. For all other documents, including out of date British passport, the TrustID Right to Work service can assist by checking the authenticity of the physical documents.

If you’d like to find out more about in-person checks support, please get in touch.

How long does an identity document check take with TrustID?

We have a target response time of 2 hours 365 days a year, between our business hours of 8am-midnight. However, checks can come back in as little as 60 seconds.

Will TrustID notify me when a Right to Work check is complete?

Yes, the hiring manager is sent an email when a check has been completed and the .pdf report has been returned. You can then log into the web portal and download the .pdf report.

For full details on how our process works, read our process blog here.

How long does TrustID hold checks in the system?

As standard, Right to Work reports are kept in the TrustID system for a period of 7 days, after which the reports will be deleted. This time period can be increased if requested. All reports need to be downloaded within that period and then should be stored in your own internal systems and records. Read our privacy policy here. 

Can we use the TrustID Right to Work service integrated to our ATS or HR System?

Yes, TrustID are already integrated with over 40 ATS and HR System providers. You can find out more about some of our partnerships here. 

How to choose the best service for you

Not sure which identity verification service is right for you? You can compare our range of services here.

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