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Anti-fraud identity checks

Protecting against fraud in the public and private sector

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A robust, reliable way to protect against fraud

Effective fraud prevention measures can protect your organisation and prevent customers and staff from fraudulently accessing your resources.

A robust identity check can support regulated businesses carrying out customer due diligence in order to mitigate the risk of fraud. When you’re recruiting staff, a reliable digital identity check can give you extra confidence in the identity of the people who you are onboarding. Counter fraud checks also remain critical in public services where fraudulent claims not only damage the reputation of organisations and undermine trust in public services but are also estimated to cost local government over £2 billion annually.

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How can TrustID protect against fraud?

Effective counterfraud measures begin with a robust identity check to confirm the identity of your staff, claimants and customers. We work with hundreds of public sector bodies and private sector customers to make reliable, efficient ID checks.

Our identity verification services help private and public sector organisations to scan and validate passports, ID cards, visas and Biometric Residence Permits in seconds to help detect fraud before it happens.

We offer a unique combination of technology and human support and our industry-leading expert document analyst team are on hand 7-days a week.

How we help the NHS

Why consider digital verification checks?

How ID checking services can help your counterfraud efforts

Remote or in-person identity checks to combat fraud

Make checks in the way that suits you

In today’s uncertain world, we can offer flexible deployment options to suit your needs, whether you are meeting applicants face-to-face or making remote identity checks.

Stronger identity checks using technology to combat fraud

Reduce the risk of error

A manual process is subject to human error and potential bias. Electronic checks streamline the verification process and introduce consistency, no matter who makes the check.

Reduce counter fraud admin

Introduce efficiencies

Our system produces a comprehensive validation report which you can download for your records, removing the need to manually copy and file identity documents and simplifying future audits.

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Protect public funds

Robust ID checks ensure that you only makes services available to and engage with people who can prove who they say they are.
Oxford City Council reports a £36,000 saving thanks to fraudulent housing applications that were stopped when their identity document solution highlighted fake
identity documents.

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How one council saves money with identity document scanning

Our range of services to support counterfraud checks

Robust on-premise ID checks
ID Scanner checks

ID Scanner checks

Advance-level identity document verification with an easy-to-use identity document scanner.

Verify Identity Documents
Online identity checks

Online identity checks

Global identity documents checked in seconds, on a pay-per-check basis.

Stronger verification
Face biometrics

Face biometrics

Use selfie-based biometrics to match a person to their identity document and add liveness detection to prevent spoofing.