Validate identity with confidence

Our ID verification systems offer a reliable, uncomplicated way to electronically check identity documents such as passports, visas and driving licences, in the office or on the move.

Office-based ID checks Remote ID checks Right to Work compliance

Electronic identity document verification

We offer a comprehensive range of ID scanning software and services to help you scan and check documents in seconds without needing to become a fraud expert. We can help you:

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Who already relies on TrustID?

Our flexible, cost-effective ID checking services help an increasing number of public and private sector clients achieve high levels of compliance, greater financial protection and brand security. Our clients include NHS trusts, Councils, Housing Associations, Hotels, Recruitment Agencies, Construction companies, Retailers, Facilities Management companies, Law firms and Security firms.


How could electronic ID checks work for your business?

Whether you make high-volume checks on the move or office-based checks, our systems can support your processes, help save you time and protect your business.

Our systems capture images and data from an identity document, via a scanner or mobile device, and then process and cross-reference the information to confirm whether the document is valid and that the photograph on the document matches the person presenting it.

With information and results automatically archived, you can demonstrate compliance with identity checking without the need for storing multiple photocopies – a significant saving in both time and administration.


Achieving compliance with TrustID


If your organisation is required to carry out KYC or AML checks, TrustID identity scanning can save you time and money.

Right to Work

All employers are required to prove the identity of their employees and their entitlement to work in the UK. Our ID scanning software helps employers avoid exposure to fines with robust, auditable checks.

Right to Rent

If you are a landlord or letting agent, from 1st February, you are responsible for Right to Rent checks. TrustID scanning solutions can help you quickly and easily establish the validity of documents presented for identity verification purposes

Are you manually checking passports for onboarding?

In this era of increased compliance requirements and rising cases of fraud, carrying out robust checks on identity documents has never been more important. Passports are the number one document to check; no other document carries more weight in establishing a person’s identity.

We've produced a Guide to Passports to help you with these checks. Our guide: 

  • highlights the main security features of a passport
  • outlines how to verify them
  • lists the most common methods used in their forgery
  • explains how to spot the clues.


Are you a Construction business?

If so, read on... since an analysis of the documents referred to our expert helpdesk team in Q1 2017 has highlighted your sector for failed identity documents. 

Customers in construction sent us almost 40% of all failed documents in Q1 and most of the purported to be a UK residency document.

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