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TrustID digital identity services approved by UK Government

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We are delighted to announce that TrustID is now a certified digital identity service provider (IDSP) for Right to Work (RtW), Right to Rent (RtR) and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework.

We were one of the first IDSPs to receive certification following a rigorous audit process undertaken by the Digital Identity Systems Certification service authorised by DCMS and UKAS.

Updated guidance includes remote checking measures

Measures for remote RtW and RtR checks have changed: as of 1st October 2022, the previous Covid exemptions that permited video calls and not seeing original identity documents as evidence of RtW or RtR were replaced by a new option of digital identity checks.

This can mean employers now introducing the remote digital Scheme checks for eligible applicants, returning to original document checks or choosing a combination of the two methods.

Why choose a certified IDSP?

IDSPs can carry out digital identity verification to a range of standards or levels of confidence. For the RtW and RtW Schemes, guidance recommends that employers and landlords only accept checks via an IDSP that satisfies a minimum of a Medium Level of Confidence (MLoC).
For the digital DBS Scheme, a certified IDSP must meet a minimum of MLoC for Basic checks and High Level of Confidence (HLoC) for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks.

Certification provides assurance that the IDSP meets relevant scheme guidance and the standards and Level of Confidence set out in the trust framework.

Although not yet compulsory, government guidance strongly recommends that employers and landlords work with a certified IDSP to digitally verify identity documents and comply with the updated RtW and RtR guidance. For DBS checks, employers must work with a certified digital IDSP.

How do digital identity checks work?

Digital identity checks are an alternative way to confirm identity without meeting an applicant face to face or seeing an original document. Our online verification services combine identity document verification, facial matching technology, fraud checks and address verification services.

Our range of services offer you a choice of validation methods:

  • a cloud-based service which doesn’t require anything to be downloaded (to meet both MLoC and HLoC)
  • an eCloud product which requires an App to be downloaded to open a document’s RFID chip (option to achieve HLoC).

What does our certified IDSP status mean for you?

We’re excited that this certification further reinforces our position as a leading provider of identity verification and Right to Work services.

Certification to the digital Schemes means that we can continue to support identity validation and confirm eligibility, whether an organisation is onboarding remotely or face-to-face. We can quickly and easily confirm that your applicant is who they say they are from a single online service, in a way which fits your processes and supports your compliance.

At a time when many sectors are struggling to recruit, having the option to digitally check an applicants’ Right to Work status offers a secure and compliant check and can significantly speed up onboarding.  What’s more, for eligible applicants, employers can make a single digital check for Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS processes.

For full details regarding our certification, please visit the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) website

Learn more about TrustID’s Right to Work and Right to Rent solutions or get in touch for a demo.