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Choosing the right identity checking service for your organisation

How can identity document verification technology (IDVT) help your organisation?

Check out the guide below to explore the services which could best support your compliance and protect your organisation:

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How can we help?

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    Online identity verification

    Organisations who want to quickly onboard applicants, customers or users remotely or face-to-face.  Customers include organisations of all sizes and across sectors including recruitment, healthcare, hospitality, retail and care.

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    Easy to use Right to Work service to prove compliance and support the Statutory excuse, 7-days a week.

  • Face biometrics can support remote onboarding

    Know your customer checks

    Simple, pay-per-check KYC service for AML compliance. PEP & Sanctions screening, address verification and ongoing monitoring.

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    Advance-level checks on original identity documents which you see in an office for a branch. ID Scanners are particularly used by the NHS and sectors with a higher fraud risk.

  • Affordable identity document checks

    Integrated identity checks

    Use our API and SDKs to easily add identity verification to your service platform.

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We’d be very happy to show you how our services can be matched to your business processes, fraud-risk and compliance needs. Please get in touch to arrange a demo.

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Our online verification service explained