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Identity document checks

Online identity verification for robust authentication

What are online identity document checks?

In an increasingly remote online world, checking the identity of applicants, customers and users remains critical to protect a business from fraud and ensure compliance with the latest legislation.

Online identity document verification services can help to confirm the authenticity of thousands of global identity documents from over 200 countries, including passports, ID cards, visas and driving licences.

The TrustID pay-per-check service gives organisations a robust, consistent and straightforward process to confirm that their applicants or customers are who they say they are, using a unique combination of AI and human expertise.

How does TrustID help with identity verification?

TrustID users upload an image of an identity document to a secure website. The TrustID software then validates the identity documents in just a few seconds. The software assesses a document’s legitimacy by checking the information held in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) through optical character recognition. It also checks whether a document is recorded on a police watch list.

The TrustID service is backed up by a team of document experts who can verify any documents which can’t be read by AI and can offer advice and guidance if a document is suspicious.

The TrustID validation service produces a comprehensive PDF report which can then be downloaded and stored as necessary against an applicant or customer record to demonstrate compliance and support an external audit.

Why do I have an email asking me to upload my identity documents to TrustID?

The TrustID online verification service can be accessed directly by customers who can capture images of identity documents and upload the images through their laptop or smartphone device. Alternatively, TrustID customers can issue one-time access to their own customers, applicants or users. This is known as a Guest Link.

When a TrustID customer issues a Guest Link, the service sends an email to the applicant, asking them to upload their documents directly – this is the email you have received. To do so, the applicant then clicks on the embedded link from a smartphone or tablet device and can follow the straightforward steps to upload their own identity documents.

Once the documents have been verified, results are returned directly into the dashboard of the TrustID account holder.

What do TrustID do with uploaded identity documents?

Identity documents are uploaded to the TrustID cloud server using a secure, encrypted communication.

The TrustID service then reads and validates information from the document and assesses whether it is genuine.

Once complete, the results of the assessment are recorded in a .pdf document which is returned to the users’ account dashboard.

Users can choose to store the records on the TrustID cloud servers for a defined period of time before downloading them for their records. During this time, records are only viewable by the employer, TrustID Document Helpdesk staff and IT administrators providing technical and maintenance support.

The default retention period is 7 days, after which the documents are automatically deleted by TrustID. Users of the TrustID service can choose to delete records manually before this period.

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A quick overview of the TrustID online identity verification service