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Capturing the best images within the TrustID service

How to capture the best document image

Please follow the steps below to capture the clearest image for our identity document verification service:

Capture a clear image of the MRZ

Capture a clear image of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and whole data page

The Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) is the 2 lines of code at the bottom of the data page, made up of letters, numbers and chevrons. The MRZ contains security check digits. Your image needs to clearly include the whole of the MRZ and all information on the data page, including your photograph, in order for the TrustID service to validate it.

Avoid covering the MRZ

Avoid covering the Machine Readable Zone

Make sure nothing is covering the MRZ or your photograph, including your fingers and thumbs.

Avoid cutting off the MRZ

Avoid cutting off the MRZ

Make sure none of the MRZ is cut off and all characters are visible. Include all four corners of the data page in your image. A ‘border’ around your document image is fine!

Watch out for glare

Watch out for glare

Natural lighting is best. Try to avoid bright sunlight or glare obscuring the MRZ or photograph on your document.

Capture your image squarely

Capture your image squarely

Putting the document on a flat surface will help. It is more difficult to read the information if the image is angled away from the camera or taken too horizontally.

Irish Passport Card

Capture an Irish Passport Card

When submitting an image of an Irish Passport Card, make sure you include clear photos of both the front and the back.

How to optimise your 'selfie' image

To increase the chance of your selfie image being successful, please follow the steps below:

Stand in Front of a Dark Background

You can stand in front of a dark or patterned background, such as a wooden door. It’s not a passport photo so don’t worry about a white, plain background!

Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is best. Avoid bright sunlight and make sure there’s no glare.

Avoid Bright Lights from Above or Behind You

Lighting needs to be consistent, and you should avoid a ‘spotlight’ effect.

Take the Selfie ‘Straight on’

Make sure you are facing the camera and not turned to the side.

Take the Selfie at Eye Level

Make sure your whole face is in the image with a good ‘border’ around you. Don’t be too close or too far away.

Remove Anything that Covers Your Face

Remove peak caps or hats or anything that obscures your face.

Still have questions?

If you need further help with the identity validation process, please visit our frequently asked question page.