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Streamline your Right to Work Checks

Onboard employees quickly whilst staying compliant

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Right to Work Checks for hiring creative talent

TrustID understands the significance of recruiting creative talent quickly and maintaining compliance during onboarding. Having a reliable and effortless identity check and onboarding process for Right to Work verifications allows for seamless recruitment of candidates.

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Why choose TrustID for Identity checks?

Quick identity document scanner check

Save time

We can perform Right to Work checks digitally or in-person and complete them within minutes, with a targeted response time of 1 hour

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Multiple user accounts

Provide the ability for multiple users to use the service without incurring extra fees, giving you the flexibility to perform checks as needed.

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Introduce consistency

Eliminate the need for your staff to possess specialised knowledge in Right to Work verification by using our services. We use a standardised process to check all documents, providing consistency and a hassle-free onboarding experience for your applicants.

Online Right to Work checks on the move

Make checks from anywhere

With our online app and web-browser interface, our Right to Work checks can be conducted from anywhere. Our GuestLink feature enables candidates to upload their own identity document images, simplifying the onboarding process for applicants and eliminating the need for your staff to be Right to Work experts.

Illustration showing chains to indicate security

Protect your business

Hiring a candidate with illegal documents or no Right to Work in the UK can have severe consequences, including damage to your brand and reputation, as well as fines up to £20,000 per candidate.

Illustration showing the expertise of our identification verification service

Trust our expertise

Our approach to identity document verification combines both technology and human expertise. By utilising machine-based identity document verification and human checks, we ensure that only genuine, valid documents are submitted and that the holder has a legitimate Right to Work in the UK. This unique blend of technology and human expertise ensures that our system provides consistent results.

A few of our customer testimonials

Nationwide event staff specialists

Whilst looking to reduce administrative on-boarding tasks, Arc have found a straightforward, professional and consistent way to validate applicant identity documents.

“Sometimes, we run ‘pop-up’ assessment days, or two on- boarding teams need to make checks at the same time, so the online validation service has been really useful” explains Maddie “It’s really easy to use and it gives us just a bit more flexibility.”

Off to Work
Award-winning hospitality recruitment, staffing, consultancy and training.

“The system gives us added confidence that we are deterring and weeding out anyone trying to find work using fraudulent documents.

“Providing the teams to Royal Palaces, international sporting events and high-security Government venues means we can tolerate only the most rigorous Right to Work checks. It’s essential for us to protect our reputation and ensure that our clients can also have full confidence in the staff we send their way.”

Harbour Hotels
Hotel Group

“We like using TrustID which is integrated into our recruitment system (Harri) to give us peace of mind when it comes to right-to-work checks. The checks allow all our managers who are involved in the recruitment process to know that the candidates they are taking into their teams are allowed to work in the UK. The system is easy to use and the times from the point of submission to getting a response are exceptionally fast. I would absolutely recommend TrustID to any organisation as part of their due diligence for recruiting safely in line with regulations for working in the UK.”

How does the TrustID Digital Right to Work service work?

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Step 1:

Employer confirms that applicant has in-date biometric UK or Irish passport or passport card.

Step 2:

Employer sends applicant email / text with link to begin digital Right to Work check via selected IDSP.

Step 3:

Applicant follows link to IDSP service to capture and upload image of their passport via mobile or tablet device.

Step 4:

Applicant captures and uploads ‘selfie’ for biometric face checks.

Step 5:

IDSP assesses identity document and confirms liveness and facial match.

Step 6:

IDSP returns report including confirmation that the relevant Level of Confidence has been met.

Step 7:

Employer downloads verification report for their records and future Home Office audits.

Step 8:

Employer confirms that the employee who comes to work matches the identity of the person verified by the IDSP.

Digital Right to Work

To learn about the benefits of using a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) for digital Right to Work verification and how it can enhance your onboarding process, see our guide available here.

Our customers choose:

For ensuring compliance with Right to Work regulations
Right to Work service

Right to Work service

Our Right to Work services can assist with compliance, regardless of whether you are a small agency or a large multi-site recruiter

Verifying for DBS purposes
Digital DBS identity checks

Digital DBS identity checks

Automated digital checks are used to verify potential employees as a component of DBS checks, in a straightforward process