Face Biometrics

Fast and accurate Facial Recognition with Liveness Test

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Selfie-based biometrics for stronger verification

Powerful and accurate biometric facial recognition match and liveness detection to give additional protection against identity theft and fraud.
Add to any of our online verification services to streamline onboarding and add security to remote checks.

Illustration showing a man and a woman on their phones for an identity check to prove compliance

Who is it designed for?

Any size of business looking for fast and accurate results whilst putting convenience and user experience first.

Particularly critical for organisations making remote identity checks for Know Your Customer checks or to onboard staff or students remotely.

“The Trust ID software is quick and easy to use and gives us assurance that the documents provided are authentic. The helpdesk support team are always on hand and happy to support with queries.”

How does our service help?

Face biometrics can support remote onboarding

Streamline remote onboarding

Quicker onboarding thanks to user-friendly technology, accessible from anywhere.

Face biometrics supporting confidence in someone's identity

Confidence against fraudsters

Gain confidence in the claimed identity.  Assess whether an identity document is genuine and confirm that it belongs to the person presenting it. Asking for a selfie is also a deterrent to fraudsters.

Easy to use facial biometrics

Easy to use

Users are simply asked to capture a selfie. ‘Passive liveness’ protects against spoofing without asking the user to speak, blink or perform any other action. The selfie is quickly analysed by AI-technology to determine whether it was taken by a live person.

Find out how this service works

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