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Case Study

Customer: Rightly

Industry: Technology


Profile: Personal Data Control Hub

Benefits of using the TrustID service:

  • Improved data subject identification
  • Data transfer minimisation
  • Trusted brand and service

"TrustID provides our users, both consumers and businesses, the perfect solution: quick, simple, and effective ID validation"


Illustration showing a woman looking at her id card

Rightly is a Personal Data Control Hub.

For consumers, Rightly makes it easy to understand and control who has their data, what they have and how they are using it.

For companies, the Rightly platform improves the process for handling subject access requests, lowering cost and risk whilst improving transparency and security.

The young company has a rapidly growing user base and is supported by Amazon Activate, the NatWest Fintech Accelerator and the Imperial College.

Business Need

Identification and authentication of data subjects is vital when responding to a Subject Rights Request. Currently, it is recommended that businesses perform comprehensive identity checks which involve a passport or driver’s license. With penalties issued for incorrectly identifying the data subject, companies are eager to implement the highest levels of compliance.

TrustID’s advanced ID processing, combined with a specialist document verification team, provide a superior level of validation.

Rightly, powered by TrustID, provides each user with a certificate which can be shared with businesses as an alternative to sending photographic ID. This means businesses can focus on processing the data request and leave TrustID to authenticate the identification. The minimal risk involved when providing a certificate means consumers feel safer, knowing they are not required to send a full ID directly to the company.

TrustID provides Rightly a fast, accurate and consistent solution that lowers the risk for businesses when responding to Subject Rights Requests.