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Streamline your Right to Work Checks

Onboard candidates quickly whilst staying compliant

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Right to Work Checks for Any Event

At TrustID, we know how important it is to hire staff quickly whilst staying compliant when planning your event operations.

Ensuring you have a robust and seamless onboarding and identity check process for your Right to Work checks enables you to place candidates into events as smoothly as possible.

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Why choose TrustID for Identity checks?

Quick identity document scanner check

Save time

We can carry out a digital or face to face Right to Work checks within minutes, with a targeted response time of 1 hour

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Multiple user accounts

Allow multiple users to access the service at no extra cost, helping you make checks with flexibility

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Introduce consistency

Our system checks all documents using the same process, providing consistency. Your staff don’t need to be Right to Work experts and your applicants get a straightforward onboarding experience.

Online Right to Work checks on the move

Make checks from anywhere

Our Right to Work checks are available through our online app or web-browser interface, allowing you to complete checks from anywhere. Candidates can upload their own identity document images using our GuestLink feature.

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Protect your business

A candidate who is using illegal documents or who has no Right to Work in the UK could seriously damage your brand and reputation as well as the leading to a fine up to £20,000 per candidate.

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Trust our expertise

Our combination of technology and human expertise is unique, blending machine-based identity document verification with a human check. We help you ensure that the right, genuine documents have been submitted and that they give the holder a valid Right to Work in the UK.

How does the TrustID Digital Right to Work service work?

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Step 1:

Employer confirms that applicant has in-date biometric UK or Irish passport or passport card.

Step 2:

Employer sends applicant email / text with link to begin digital Right to Work check via selected IDSP.

Step 3:

Applicant follows link to IDSP service to capture and upload image of their passport via mobile or tablet device.

Step 4:

Applicant captures and uploads ‘selfie’ for biometric face checks.

Step 5:

IDSP assesses identity document and confirms liveness and facial match.

Step 6:

IDSP returns report including confirmation that the relevant Level of Confidence has been met.

Step 7:

Employer downloads verification report for their records and future Home Office audits.

Step 8:

Employer confirms that the employee who comes to work matches the identity of the person verified by the IDSP.

Digital Right to Work

If you would like to find out more information regarding digital Right to Work and how using a certified Identity Service Provide (IDSP) can improve your onboarding process, you can read our guide here.

Digital Right to Work Checks

If you would like to find out more about Digital Right to Work checks and how we can help, please read our FAQs here.

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Our Recruitment customers choose:

For Right To Work Compliance
Right to Work service

Right to Work service

Whether you’re a small agency or a large multi-site recruiter, our Right to Work services can support your compliance

Robust on-premise checks
ID Scanner checks

ID Scanner checks

Advance-level document validation checks with an easy-to-use identity document scanner