ID scanner with BRP

ID Scanner Checks

Perfect if your organisation wants to make advanced-level checks on original
identity documents in an office or branch.

Typical customers include NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Hotels, Universities and Recruiters.

Make advance level document validation checks with an ID Scanner

Specialist identity document scanner with visible, ultraviolet and infrared imaging which attaches to your laptop or PC

Checks Passports, ID cards, Biometric Residence Permits, Visas and Driving Licences

Verifies printed and biometric chip data and cross checks for consistency

Checks document against national fraudulent document database

Choose our Desktop Plus option to check the security features of over 6,000 documents from more than 200 countries

Auto export validation results to other systems and processes

Detailed audit trail, MI and reporting

Backed up by our expert helpdesk service

ID scanner with BRP

Why choose TrustID ID Scanners for your office-based ID checks?

Why choose TrustID?

Easy to deploy

We can get you up and running in just a few days. And whether you need one system running standalone or a network of systems managed from a central server, TrustID Desktop has flexible deployment options to suit any size business.

Peace of mind

If documents fail any checks or you have concerns, you can send the results securely to our expert helpdesk team for analysis. You can also set rules to send documents flagged by the system to your own internal teams for review.

ID scanner checks

Simple to configure

Our systems are designed to fit your business. So you choose the type of documents and checks to be performed, your user permissions, how you capture supporting documents and data, export of records and data retention.

Easy to use

You can get started with very little training. The Desktop system uses a simple wizard to guide you through the process of checking ID documents and results are easy to understand with simple green tick/red cross indicators.

Want to find out more?

Please give us a call to ask us a question about the services we offer, for
help on our software, or to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss 
how we could help your organisation.

Some of our ID Scanner customers

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