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In a business where deadlines and targets are often tight, you may be under pressure to process and place applicants whilst making the necessary checks. If you’re asking your consultants to manually check, copy and file identity documents for every candidate, the reality of consistently managing checks can be complex and inefficient.
When the pressure’s on, it’s easy to miss a document or not notice something suspicious. And, as staff are unlikely to be document experts, ongoing training on how to validate documents from all over the world can be expensive and time-consuming.

How can identity document verification services help your agency?

Save time

If you’re making manual identity checks, especially for lots of candidates, you have to photocopy, carefully check and file each passport, visa or other ID. An automated system can check IDs in seconds and store a copy in your files.
One customer estimates that software saves them 3 minutes per check so if you’re checking 150 candidates monthly, that’s a day a month saved.

Stand out in a competitive world

Publicising your use of identity verification services gives your clients confidence and peace of mind that your candidates are verified in a consistent way. Many of our customers widely communicate their use of ID checking systems, both to highlight the technology as a competitive strength and also to deter anyone from applying for roles using fraudulent documentation.

Introduce consistency

An automated system consistently checks security features in a document and offers an analysis of whether it is suspicious or not which is far superior to a visual check. An automated system removes the need to train staff on ID documents and leaves them free to focus on the minority of cases where candidate documents don’t pass the checks.

Make checks from anywhere

Available through our online app or web-browser interface, our services help you make checks whenever and wherever you meet your candidates.
You can ask candidates to upload their own identity document images using our Guest Links feature, which can be combined with address verification and face match technology to give you additional confidence.

Protect your business

Most candidates will be presenting genuine IDs, but wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind?
A candidate who is using illegal documents and who has no right to work in the UK could seriously damage your brand and reputation as well as the leading to a fine up to £20,000 per candidate.

Trust our expertise

Our combination of technology and human expertise is unique, blending machine-based identity document verification with a human check. We help you ensure that the right, genuine documents have been submitted and that they give the holder a valid Right to Work in the UK.

Identity Checks for Recruiters

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“”Compliance is a really critical issue for us. In a business that’s all about people, we can’t afford for a worker not to be who they say they are – and neither can our customers. Now we have an automated check in place, we know that we’ve minimised our risk of that happening””

CEO, Anderselite

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Right to Work service

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ID Scanner checks

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