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Straightforward Right to Work checks designed to streamline your onboarding process

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We support hundreds of HR professionals with their onboarding process and Right to Work checks

Onboarding candidates quickly is a crucial part in securing new talent into your business. Using our robust and efficient technology can streamline your onboarding process and make Right to Work (RtW) checks a seamless experience for both your hiring managers and your candidates.

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How can TrustID support you as a HR professional?

TrustID offer the broadest range of Right to Work checks using Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to support your businesses with both Digital and Non-Digital Right to Work checks.

UK Right to Work checks: challenges and attitudes for HR in 2023

As the UK’s market leader of Right to Work checks, TrustID are constantly monitoring and increasing our knowledge and insights of the challenges people are facing, so we can continuously improve their experience.

In 2022, we surveyed professionals responsible for Right to Work checks across the UK to do just that – we hope you find it as enlightening as we have.

Right to Work Survey

Get a copy of our survey here:

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Why choose TrustID for Identity checks?

Identity document experts and expert document analysts to support

Customer service and analyst support

Our UK-based human expert team are on hand between 8am-midnight, 365 days a year to support our services.

Flexible, scalable pricing model

Our pay-per-check service means you can scale checks to suit the needs of your business and reflect any fluctuating recruitment levels.

Unlimited number of user accounts

Give your whole team access to the service from anywhere, making onboarding as seamless as possible.

Illustration showing the expertise of our identification verification service

Trust our expertise

Our unique combination of technology backed up by a team of human analysts improves processing rates and means you always get a definitive response.

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Continuous updates on guidance and legislation

TrustID will never leave you guessing, and will always ensure you’re equipped with the correct knowledge to stay compliant

Robust, consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Protect your business

Only employ with genuine documents who have the Right to Work in the UK to avoid damage to your brand or a potential fine of up to £20,000 per candidate.

A guide to Right to Work checks

Updated Right to Work guidance has raised lots of questions and opportunities for employers. Should you choose remote checks through an Identity Service Provider (IDSP), return to physical document checks or do a mixture of both? And how can technology help?

We’ve put together a guide covering frequently asked questions around Right to Work checks.

Download a copy of our Guide to Right to Work checks here.

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How Anderselite benefits from our online verification services

“Compliance is a really critical issue for us. In a business that’s all about people, we can’t afford for a worker not to be who they say they are – and neither can our customers. Now we have an automated check in place, we know that we’ve minimised our risk of that happening”

CEO, Anderselite

Our trusted customers choose:

For Right To Work Compliance
Right to Work service

Right to Work service

Whether you’re a small agency or a large multi-site recruiter, our Right to Work services can support your compliance

Robust on-premise checks
ID Scanner checks

ID Scanner checks

Advance-level document validation checks with an easy-to-use identity document scanner