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The broadest range of Right to Work checks

From a leading, government-certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP)

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Expert Right to Work checks from the UK's leading provider

TrustID are Right to Work experts and a certified IDSP.
Our ID verification services are compliant with GPG45 standards and support both digital Right to Work checks and those checks made using a physical document.

Digital Right to Work checks

The Digital Scheme allows employers to remotely verify the identity of people with applicable documents using an Identity Service Provider (IDSP) to confirm their Right to Work (RtW) in the UK.

TrustID are a certified IDSP meaning our ID check services are compliant with GPG45 standards and can support digital checks on holders of UK and Irish passports. We can also support checks for eVisa holders who present Sharecodes.


Facial Biometric Selfie




Non-digital Right to Work checks

Our range of Identity Validation Technology (IDVT) can support physical document checks for those candidates who you onboard outside of the digital RtW Scheme.

Our Right to Work services make compliance simpler, whether you are checking a few employees or thousands and support the Statutory Excuse.

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Why choose our Right to Work services?

Quick Right to Work (RTW) checks

Save time

Using an Identity Service Provider (IDSP) makes Right to Work checks quick and easy, saving time for your internal staff and your applicants.

Robust, consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Secure checks

Using Identity Verification Technology (IDVT) helps to identify suspicious, incorrect and fake identity documents and protects employers from fraudulent applicants.


Make checks from anywhere

Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) allow people to verify their identity remotely and prove their eligibility to work whenever and from wherever suits them.

Wondering how an IDSP could help you?

Read our guide on IDSPs and IDVT that covers:

  • Why use Identity Validation Technology (IDVT)?
  • Recent changes to Right to Work checks
  • More about digital Right to Work and Identity checks
  • 10 Questions to ask when considering Identity Service Providers (IDSPs)

How do digital Right to Work checks work?

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Step 1:

Employer confirms that applicant has in-date biometric UK or Irish passport or passport card.

Step 2:

Employer sends applicant email / text with link to begin digital RtW check via selected IDSP.

Step 3:

Applicant follows link to IDSP service to capture and upload image of their passport via applicable device.

Step 4:

Applicant captures and uploads ‘selfie’ for biometric face checks.

Step 5:

IDSP assesses identity document and confirms liveness and facial match.

Step 6:

IDSP returns report including confirmation that the relevant Level of Confidence has been met.

Step 7:

Employer downloads verification report for their records and future Home Office audits.

Step 8:

Employer confirms that the employee who comes to work matches the identity of the person verified by the IDSP.

Right to Work services from TrustID


Identity document validation

We assess and confirm the authenticity of eligible documents

Consistent Right to Work (RTW) checks

Biometric face matching

We verify a selfie image to ensure it is a live person who matches the document holder

Secure identity document scanning services

Fraud check

We check against a national database that an identity is not known to be stolen or synthetic

Illustration showing the simplicity of our service

Address verification

We prove that your applicants’ address exists and link them to that address by checking against trusted data sources

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